In Venezuela three have died of Zika

In Venezuela three have died of Zika


A scientist tests blood for the Zika virus in Venezuela, where three people have died from complications from it.
Photo: Xinhua

Three people have died in Venezuela from complications linked to Zika, President Nicolas Maduro said yesterday. These were the first deaths in the country linked to the mosquito virus.

Maduro said 68 patients out of 319 confirmed cases have been in intensive care and the country had the right drugs to treat them.

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The vast majority of Zika cases are mild but it has been linked to a rapid rise in the number of children born with microcephaly to mothers infected during pregnancy.

Venezuelan Health Minister Luisana Melo also said there were 225 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a brain disorder that can cause paralysis or death.

Doctors have warned that shortages of medicine and poor access to water are set to make the virus worse.





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