Buses for pets - no we're not kidding, you can take your furry friend to Ha Pak Nai

Buses for pets - no we're not kidding, you can take your furry friend to Ha Pak Nai

A company called 99bus, which is a form of public transport for pets and their owners, is trying to help animals get around HK


The bus service for pets and their owners will be back on Sunday.

Hong Kong's first bus line for pets, which was initially launched in 2012 but suspended twice, is back on the road, again.

The bus service will start on Sunday, taking pet lovers and their furry friends from Prince Edward to Ha Pak Nai, and from North Point to Tuen Mun.

It's never easy to take pets on a trip, even a short one. Most public transport doesn't allow pets while taxis are expensive.

The organisation known as 99bus - a play on the Cantonese word for "dog" - started the service three years ago, hoping it would be easier for people to take their pets with them as they travel around the city.

However, the service was suspended twice. When it started out, 99bus rented buses from Citybus and turned them to tourist buses when Citybus raised the rent. One year later, the service was suspended by the Transport Department due to licensing issues. After it was relaunched in mid-2014, it was suspended again in July when the department questioned its charging model.

To find out the details behind the suspension and figure out what they had to do, Kamrics To, one of the co-founders of 99bus, called the department almost every day.

99bus has now been granted a new licence that allows them to drive through designated locations on weekends from this month to the end of March. There are around 30 stops across the city. Fees are charged per seat, from HK$79 to HK$99. To said they would try to keep the rate under HK$99 per seat.

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Buses for pets - no, we're not kidding


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