Ying Ying will give birth to Hong Kong's first baby panda soon!

Ying Ying will give birth to Hong Kong's first baby panda soon!

Ocean Park's Ying Ying is going to have a baby! Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about the mum ...


Shh! Ying Ying is resting up for motherhood.
Photo: Bruce Yan/SCMP

What is so special about Ying Ying giving birth?
Ying Ying's cub will be the first- ever giant panda to be born in Hong Kong.

Has Ying Ying changed during her pregnancy?
Her weight has dropped from 100 kilograms two months ago to her current weight of 95kg. She is also eating less bamboo each day, from between 10kg and 13kg to only 1kg after becoming pregnant. Weight loss for expectant pandas is considered normal.

What's the easiest way to identify Ying Ying from other pandas at the park?
Ying Ying has big eye patches shaped like the number "8". She is inquisitive, active and watchful, and loves to sleep atop trees, play with balls and rolling tubes, and balance on a branch and do backbends. The Sichuan -born panda is also trilingual, trained in Putonghua, English and Cantonese.

Apart from bamboo, she also loves to eat wild rice shoots, vegetables, fruits and high-fibre biscuits.

Do Le Le and Ying Ying have any children?
Le Le and Ying Ying are the second pair of pandas given to Hong Kong. Both were born in August 2005, and arrived at Ocean Park when they were about two years old. When they didn't mate naturally, they were enrolled in the national giant panda breeding programme in February.

Do An An and Jia Jia have any?
An An and Jia Jia were the first pair of pandas given to Hong Kong by Beijing. Jia Jia, a female born in 1978, had already given birth to six cubs before she arrived in Hong Kong in 1999 with An An, who was 14 years old at the time.

Due to their age difference, the park did not arrange for them to mate.

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Get ready for our first baby panda!


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