Wet your pants at Ocean Park and yelp before a selfie at Disneyland

Wet your pants at Ocean Park and yelp before a selfie at Disneyland

Have your Halloween plans sorted nice and early with this YP guide to where the scares will be in Hong Kong


Ocean Park gets its mask on to celebrate 15 Years of Horror.
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Are you a scaredy cat? Disney might be better for you.

Breaking and entering another person's house is illegal, but sometimes it's allowed in the name of fun. What are we talking about? Haunted houses! And there are a few good ones in Hong Kong. Welcome to Halloween season.

Ocean Park

For those who enjoy the thrill of petrifying characters, mysterious houses, spine-chilling shows and high-energy action, Ocean Park is where you'd want to hang out at Halloween.

Featuring 10 experiences and eight attractions, the beloved theme park turns hostile in October, with each attraction rated by scariness.

The Walking Dead: Survival recreates scenes from popular TV drama The Walking Dead. Visitors join survivors of the apocalypse to escape from hordes of walkers, to try to avoid being attacked.

Recreating past scares, 15 years of Horror's scenes range from the 2009 spine-chilling Police Station No. 13, to the harrowing Chinese Wedding of the Departed from 2012. The cast certainly won't shy away from engaging with visitors.

Some experiences change at night. For example, Toxic Challenge transforms into Mutant Escape at 5.30pm - you'll need to be wearing socks for this one though.

Come closer ... if you dare.
Photo: Edward Wong/SCMP

If you are not a hardcore horror fan, or if you just need a break from all the haunted houses, there's also a sweet Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail and Doraemon@The Halloween Movies Studio.

It's not just the gloom that will send a chill down your spine, but also the staff in costume. Don't underestimate them just because you know they are not real ghosts, zombies or psychopaths; you'll forget that as soon as they suddenly lurch towards you clawing the air, or worse, start chasing you with a chainsaw. The more scared you seem, the more they'll focus their attention on you.

Starting from today, the Halloween Fest runs from 10am to 11pm on most days this month, though you may check the website for the schedules of each individual attraction.

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YP cadets Tanya Parmanand, Sebastian Wong, and Annette Kim


Everything is innocent and family-friendly at Disney ... even Halloween. This year's Disney Haunted Halloween is more for the faint-hearted than for the scare-seekers.

Lost in Ghost Town gets visitors lost in the dark streets, where ghosts and other spooks suddenly appear to deliver a fright.

Spanning Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Adventure Land, Disney's Haunted Halloween sees three whole zones transformed for the occasion with trick-or-treat theming, such as green and orange pumpkins hidden under trees and street lights replaced with Mickey lanterns.

The real adventure begins in the Ghost Town. Disneyland makes sure no-one is safe from the scares by keeping the fun outdoors, instead of inside traditional haunted houses.

Drifting around the Mystic Manor, white spirits show off creepy smiles and tell their stories as they mingle with visitors.

At Grizzly Gulch, an eccentric engineer tells a tale of bad luck and a long-time feud. Next thing you know, gold miners and cowboys start a gun fight to settle old scores. The sound effects and acting are very convincing, especially when a gold miner or a cowboy stares right at you. Make sure you don't become the next target!

Take a cruise along Disneyland's Curse of the Emerald Trinity.

Jungle River Cruise turns into Curse of the Emerald Trinity at night. Special effects and an eerie story of missing emeralds are not to be missed.

Get ready for photo ops with your favourite Disney friends as Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay and the gang change into costumes for some spooky trick or treating.

Just remember: try not to lose your soul to the spirits around Mystic Manor; get caught up in the fight between the cowboys and miners; or get lost on the dark voyage on water.

Starting from today, Disney Haunted Halloween runs every Friday to Sunday night until the end of the month.

Here are all the soft-scare details

YP cadets Minnie Yip and Natalie Tang

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Great post! Thank you for the info. Do you know anything about the fast pass tickets for Ocean Park Halloween? I saw Klook are offering tickets for $642 ($48 off), that's the cheapest I could find. Would you recommend?