More people looking for asylum in HK

More people looking for asylum in HK

Lodging protection claims is becoming common, but Hong Kong doesn't take refugees, as it didn't sign the UN's Refugee Convention


There are more than 9,000 asylum seekers in Hong Kong, mostly from south Asia.
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Immigration officials say more asylum seekers are lodging "non-refoulement" - or protection - claims when they arrive in Hong Kong. Six have been made in the past week.

Non-refoulement is an international law that protects refugees from being returned to places where their lives or freedom could be threatened.

But non-government agencies helping these asylum seekers say the government is becoming increasingly negative towards refugees.

Victoria Wisniewski Otero, from Justice Centre Hong Kong, said recent government statements about asylum seekers could increase wrong ideas and lead to intolerance.

"We are monitoring a disturbing trend in the government's discourse in the past couple of months to label refugees as 'illegal immigrants,'" she said.

In the past week, six Indian men have lodged non-refoulement claims after being refused entry. Two of the men arrived from Macau by ferry on September 18, and two more on September 20. They had been sent to Macau after their request to come to Hong Kong was denied on August 18.

This time, their lawyer immediately lodged non-refoulement claims. The government said earlier this month that there had been an increase in the number of Indian nationals lodging non-refoulement claims through lawyers before entering Hong Kong.

Government figures show 228 asylum claims have been made so far this year. The government says it does not take refugees because Hong Kong has not signed the UN's 1951 Refugee Convention.

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More people looking for asylum in HK


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HK does not have any responsibility or duty to these seekers. They must go back home as HK does not owe them anything. Most of them come to HK are economic illegal immigrants. HK hate them very much as they cause many many trouble in HK.
HK has to pay several thousand dollars to each of them every month, WHY ???
They are heavy burden to HK .
Please go back to their own country, HUMANITY IS NOT ABOVE EVERYTHING !!!