Apple puts Hong Kong Occupy logo into emoji

Apple puts Hong Kong Occupy logo into emoji

Other emoji include Hong Kong and Macau flags


Some of the emojis on Apple's latest software update, including a yellow ribbon.
Photo: SCMP Pictures

A yellow ribbon, the symbol of last year’s pro-democracy Occupy protests, is among a new set of emojis being released in Apple’s latest iOS software update.

The ribbon, which can be sent in various colours, is an icon for many campaigns including breast cancer and suicide awareness.

Earlier in the year, Apple made more symbols available and included a variety of skin tones, as well as an increase in the number of country and territory flags, including those of Hong Kong and Macau.

Also among the latest emojis to be trialled by developers is an icon representing the sport of cricket, a burrito and an offensive gesture.

As Apple is not known for its political gestures, the inclusion of the yellow ribbon is unlikely to be a pro-democracy statement, though it will no doubt be a popular emoji in Hong Kong.


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