Young pianists all keyed up for the Allianz Global Investors Junior Music Excursion

Young pianists all keyed up for the Allianz Global Investors Junior Music Excursion

Junior musicians from across Asia are in Hong Kong to make new friends, learn from the masters, and perform for the masses


Wang Chieh-ning shares her love of music with others.

Talented young musicians from across Asia have come to Hong Kong to hone their piano skills. 

Ten award-winning young pianists, aged eight to 14, will join the two-day Allianz Global Investors Junior Music Excursion (Asia Pacific), a series of master classes led by Hui Ning and Zhao Ling. Hui, from Hong Kong, is an expert in piano duo and two/four-piano recitals, while Zhao is an associate professor of piano at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.

Nine-year-old Wang Chieh-ning from Taiwan is in Hong Kong for the first time. Chieh-ning is excited to explore our beautiful city and also to meet new people. "I want to make friends with other piano-loving students," said Chieh-ning, who looks forward to learning from the masters, as well as her peers. "I want to learn all about their skills and try to work on my weak points."

Jane Leung is a people-person.

The young pianists will join Hui and Zhao in a recital at the Academy for Performing Arts tomorrow night. Good Hope School's Jane Leung, who turns 12 next month and has played piano since she was five, is "thrilled" at the chance to perform with the two masters and pianists from other countries.

Jane also can't wait to show her new friends around Hong Kong and introduce them to local restaurants. "Apart from practising, rehearsing and performing, [I'm happy] they also have the chance to tour the city," said Jane.


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