5 shops to get awesome back-to-school stationery - including cute sushi-shaped erasers!

5 shops to get awesome back-to-school stationery - including cute sushi-shaped erasers!

From practical pencil cases to personalised name tags, here are five shops to check out your back-to-school stationery

With the new term coming up, now is the time to spruce up your pencil case to welcome a new year of note-taking, highlighting and exam preparation.

For those who want to add some colour to their notes, Young Post suggests five of the best places to get your stationery.

Minimalist: Muji

For a clean and simple vibe, head to Muji. They have clear pencil cases that are perfect for exam season (IB students are meant to store all of their pens and pencils in a clear container).

Their stationery all features a white or light-brown motif that makes for a really clean and unfussy pencil case.

They also sell trays and clear containers to store pens and notes neatly at home.

Muji sells a wide array of multi-coloured ball-point and gel pens, highlighters and mechanical pencils that will satisfy any stationery lover's wildest dreams, and make writing notes a lot more fun and a lot easier to read.

They also have Kraft (wood pulp-based) clipboards, notebooks of all sizes, folders and rulers that will help measure your success in the upcoming school year.

Artsy Fartsy: Ohh Dear

This website was a collaboration between two illustrators. It sells gadgets, home ware, cards and stationery. The main items to look out for are their notebooks and pencils, which are all made by independent artists.

Some of our picks include those with manipulated images of Grumpy Cat on the cover, idiom notebooks, and those made from recycled materials.

The pencils stand out because they are covered with interesting sayings and come in a huge range of colours. There are motivational phrases (such as "Stop procrastinating!" for all you slackers out there), Game of Thrones quotes, and pencils that say "Mrs Ryan Gosling". We're swooning already. Ships worldwide.

Competition: Those pesky "before school" woes

Classy and luxurious: Prints

For an extra special addition to your stationery collection, Prints offers a variety of cloth notebooks that will add class and sophistication to your notes. The one drawback is that there are no lines, which makes it hard to write straight.

Prints also has a collection of special pens with ink that becomes almost 3D when you write, bulging up from the page, and a range of pens in metallic colours that will make any subject sparkle. Take notes in gold or silver for art and then switch to metallic blue for chemistry! The one problem is that these magical pens are all very expensive, with each one costing around HK$20-HK$30. Ah, the cost of beautiful notes!

Mixing it up: Minted

Tired of losing your blazer after PE? Sick of your notebook getting lost in the pile? Invest in some personalised stationery and name tags for your uniform. The name tags come in a variety of cool designs that are suitable for both girls and guys, so there's something for everyone.

You can even get photos of yourself printed on the name tags or the stationery so that no one will ever be confused as to whose stuff it is again.

Minted also offers a selection of chic, pretty notebooks covered in quotes and graphics. Alternatively, the notebooks can be customised in the same way as the other stationery. Ships worldwide.

Super kawaii fun: Log-on

For a dose of Japanese sweetness, Log-on has you covered. From sushi-shaped erasers to cute, animal-print notebooks, this place offers loads of hi-tech stationery, schoolbags and all things related to back-to-school.

Look out for their Lego-day planner and interesting pencil selection tucked away on the lower shelves.

While you're there, get lost in the forest of backpacks of different sizes, styles and colours. Fashionistas will likely pick up a Herschels, while sporty students can replace their trusty JanSport. For funky prints, look for Vans. For girly girls, Cath Kidston has got your back when it comes to florals and frilly things.

For extra back-to-school (literal) brownie points, head to their impressive snack section and give your friends yet another reason to love you.

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