St Paul's Co-educational College under fire for its IB programme

St Paul's Co-educational College under fire for its IB programme

Parents of students attending St Paul’s Co-educational College have complained to the school about the quality of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme it provides.

“A group of angry parents”, as the writers name themselves in a post on Apple Daily’s online forum, accused one newly-hired expat teacher of lacking adequate experience and professionalism to teach IB.

The teacher, unnamed in the post, allegedly has a lazy approach to teaching, has favourite pupils and is unwilling to give or grade homework. 

“If the school thinks they can just shove us [an expat teacher] and students and parents will be pleased [to take it] without telling the right from wrong, they certainly underestimate us,” wrote one of the parents in the online post.

Parents say they have approached the Mid-Levels school to try to have a rational discussion and resolve the situation, but members of the management apparently have played down the complaints as unreasonable.

It’s not only the teacher parents are worried about: they also question the management, saying parent and student voices have been suppressed. It is feared that the traditional values of the school, which celebrates its centenary this year, will be threatened as a result.

St Paul’s Co-educational College hasn’t responded to Young Post’s interview request. 

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
HK school under fire


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