St Clare's Girls' School cuts Chinese history for lack of student interest

St Clare's Girls' School cuts Chinese history for lack of student interest

Less that 10 students made the subject one of their top picks, but since the school scrapped it, it's become the centre of attention


St Clare's has scrapped Chinese history.
St Clare's has scrapped Chinese history.

Parents and students of St Clare's Girls' School are upset that Chinese history will be scrapped from the curriculum.

The school informed parents on Saturday that elective courses for soon-to-be Form Four students won't include Chinese history. The decision was made after a poll found that less than 10 of the 140 Form Three students picked Chinese history as one of their top three choices.

The school makes decisions on elective courses every year, and vice-principal Cheung Ngai-hung said that it is the school's policy not to offer a subject if there are less than 10 students willing to take it.

"We decided not to offer Chinese history in the new school year judging by educational resources and outcomes," he added.

Students who want to take Chinese history have started a campaign in the school, collecting around 90 signatures in favour of having the subject back.

At least one parent has complained to the Education Bureau, saying there were more than 10 students who placed the subject in the top three.

The bureau told Young Post that the school said less than 10 students would take the subject next year, and the school would make its decision on electives based on students' preferences. They also pointed out that the school didn't offer Chinese history for the current Form Four students as well.

"If parents have doubts on the school's electives, they are welcome to contact the school directly," reads the bureau's statement.

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Chinese history cut for lack of interest


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