Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner announces new guidelines for drone use

Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner announces new guidelines for drone use


A drone costs HK$400.
A drone costs HK$400.
Photo: Sam Tsang

Hong Kong's privacy watchdog is urging users to avoid flying drones too close to other people or their homes, and to post notices at locations and on social media before using the devices. New guidelines also call for drones to have flashing lights when recording.

Privacy Commissioner Allan Chiang Yam-wang warned that the privacy threat is very real because "drones can perform as powerful surveillance tools when fitted with cameras".

In Hong Kong, no one needs to register their drone as long as it is less than 7kg, but anything bigger than that needs an application.

Sha Tin College student Nastassja Chan, 18, finds it scary that devices exist "that could fly up to apartment heights and are able to record and spy on people's homes". "The easy accessibility can cause a potential invasion of many people's privacy - intentionally or accidentally," Nastassja said.

She also thinks it could be dangerous to fly drones around a city as dense as Hong Kong. "There's always the chance of someone getting hurt."

Thirteen-year-old Leuven Wang of King George V School thinks that the government should issue licences to drone users, and set a maximum height limit for safety reasons.

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New guidelines for drone use


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