What is in store for us in the Year of the Goat?

What is in store for us in the Year of the Goat?

The zodiac is predicting a laid-back and peaceful 12 months as we approach Thursday's Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year begins on Thursday, marking the start of the Year of the Goat. All of us will be influenced by its generous, peaceful and creative energy for the next 12 months.

After last year's va-va-voom horse vibe, 2015 should be a piece of cake if you prefer to take the slow route through life. Competitiveness, aggression and impatience are a no-no when the goat's in charge. This plucky beast favours a steady trot to the finish line, rather than a mad gallop.

Since the goat (also called sheep by some astrologers) is a symbol of peace, it's no secret that 2015 is the best time to kiss and make up. Relationships are the backbone of any happy community. Try to create a sense of brotherhood with everyone you love. It is the best way to win friends and squash enemies.

Get in the spirit of the goat's natural charm by leaving the house with a calm, laid-back attitude every day. Sure, that's easier said than done when exams are looming, your BFF's being a cow and the parents are moaning about your room. But honestly, the goat's year can spread peace and harmony, if you'll just relax and enjoy the ride.

Goats are like fairy godmothers, or Tinkerbell the fairy. Wherever there's fighting, this animal's strong sense of compromise and fair play magically makes things better.

With this in mind, try to stop arguments before they get out of hand. Try to keep your temper under control, too. Any flare-ups end badly in a goat year, because they're totally out of whack with the current mood. What starts out as a bit of bickering could end a friendship; so what's the point in trying to win? Goats teach us that the real purpose of debate is progress, not victory.

Everything related to the home and family are important this year. Perhaps you haven't felt quite settled, or there's some trouble at home messing up your week.

Be the peacemaker, even if this means shutting up about things that annoy you like crazy. The ideal tactic is to keep quiet, walk away, compromise a little, love tonnes and listen a lot. Mostly, this should work, because you're getting into the goatish vibe. If it doesn't, keep trying. And if that still doesn't work, go and paint a masterpiece.

Actually, you really should do some painting - or art of any kind - no matter how useless you are at drawing trees. This year is highly creative and many cool things will be invented. It's not surprising that famed Italian artist Michelangelo was born in the Year of the Goat, as was Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the late, great Steve Jobs of Apple.

Creativity isn't just about painting. Many super-cool ideas, technological wonders and innovations were born in goat years, or created by people born under this artistic sign.

For that reason, find a good balance between work and play this year. Your schoolwork may actually benefit from a little added "me-time". Try to tap into your creativity at the weekend. Origami, architecture, loom-banding, knitting, doodling and papier-mâché are some crafty, cool things you could do between maths homework and sizing up your physics project.

Scientists have proved that working with your hands and spending time being creative actually increases your brain power and decreases stress. That's a win-win combo in the chillaxed goat year. We are going for a mellow vibe, whatever the weather.

You might find yourself stepping on other people's toes this year and getting involved in battles that have nothing to do with you - until you get involved. This tricky trap often pops up in goat years. It is probably because the universe is constantly challenging us to choose a better road to success, rather than relying on aggression and force to get there.

A yin, or female, energy, the goat vibe works best when people focus on a common goal and work together as a team. It's likely that you'll lose friends or create enemies if you put your own independence and happiness ahead of others. There are other Chinese astrology signs rooting for the individual - but Madam Goat is not one of them.

Perhaps the movie The Three Musketeers is the best example of how to not only survive - but thrive - this year. In it, three guys had one goal and a single slogan: all for one and one for all. And that about wraps up the perfect way to live your life in the Year of the Goat.

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