Treat your furry four-legged friends on "Love Your Pet Day"

Treat your furry four-legged friends on "Love Your Pet Day"

Forget Valentine's Day; 2014 Junior Reporter of the Year Joy Pamnani wants us to show some love to our favourite four-legged friends instead

It is "Love Your Pet Day" on February 20, so here are some of the best pet-friendly places around town where you can treat your precious pooch to a special day.

The great outdoors

Every pup loves nothing more than a stroll outside. So treat your dog to a walk along Bowen Road. The four-kilometre trail begins at Magazine Gap Road, and both you and your dog will get to enjoy some pretty spectacular views along the way.

Within a few minutes, hikers (and their pets) are surrounded by stunning views of our city. The greenery makes it perfect for those keen on a calm, peaceful getaway from the city's busy lifestyle.

You will also probably meet a lot of other dog-owners along the way. There are also people going for a workout and even experts showing off their tai chi skills in the morning. If you're lucky, you and your dog might even make a pet friend or two.


We all love going to the spa for a good massage or refreshing facial. It's too bad our pet pals don't get to enjoy the same luxury. Or do they?

For this year's Love your Pet Day, check out the range of pet-grooming services Hong Kong has to offer. If you're keen on a simple groom, SPCA is a great choice as they offer basic shampooing and clipping services.

If you're looking for something more special, pay a visit to Dog Dog Day in Wan Chai.

The salon has a huge selection of styles for different species of dogs. Within a few hours of grooming, your ordinary pup will be turned into a pampered Devil Wears Prada poodle, ready to rock the streets.

If grooming isn't enough for your puppy pal, consider a facial routine at Salon de Hachi. Located in Causeway Bay, Salon de Hachi is a great way for your pups to unwind after a long game of fetch.

It offers relaxing spring hot baths and massages, as well as clay packs, which are a perfect way to detox.

Hong Kong is known for being a food lovers' paradise; we have access to a wide range of local delights and international dishes. But our city doesn't only cater to local foodies. We also have a few treats in store for our pets.

Better than dog food

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Dogside Cafe is a popular choice for those with dogs because of their special menu catering to canine customers. It includes dog-friendly birthday cakes and even tuna fish macaroni salad!

SUS Pet Cafe is another great choice for a small pup party. The restaurant has an outdoor barbecue area for customers to grill up a nice meal with friends and family. But it also has a nice grassy play area and a little pool especially for any furry friends.

But if this isn't enough for your special pet, then head over to the Peak Lookout. This is one of Hong Kong's best viewing spots, and a great place to take your dog for a grand, alfresco meal with stunning views of the city. It is clearly the perfect way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day with your puppies.

Shopping in style

Have you ever wanted to take your dogs shopping only to find you aren't allowed to bring them into malls? Well, Mikiki mall in San Po Kong is the perfect solution.

Mikiki is one of the few shopping centres in Hong Kong that allow dogs indoors. The idea comes from Japan, where a lot of trendy malls tend to welcome four-legged friends. What could possibly be more fun than shopping with your dog?

The mall offers a host of services to pets, such as grooming, food and entertainment. The mall also offers pet stroller services, where owners can rent prams to make it easier for their four-legged friends to get around.

If you're keen on taking your pup shopping on Hong Kong Island, then try Stanley Plaza.

Stanley Plaza is officially one of Hong Kong's most dog-friendly malls. It organises a range of events to bring pets - and of course their owners - together and promote kindness towards animals.

Their annual "Paws by the Sea" event features all sorts of exciting activities for pets, including treasure hunts, game booths and even dress-up competitions. Last year, the mall attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most dogs balancing a treat on their noses during the four-day event.

The mall also has special facilities for dog owners, such as dog parking services. And it is only a few minutes' walk from Stanley Promenade, a great place to take your dog for a lovely evening walk to end the perfect puppy day.

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