Leung Chai-yan returns to Facebook after a brief "disappearance"

Leung Chai-yan returns to Facebook after a brief "disappearance"


Leung Chai-yan at a Cable TV programme.
Leung Chai-yan at a Cable TV programme.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's famously controversial daughter Leung Chai-yan has made a comeback on Facebook as of this morning.

Following a repost of her interview with Cable TV at 10.23am, she posted a photo of herself and said, "Be yourself."

The 23-year-old law student  - who is reportedly aiming for a local show-business career - made a debut appearance last Thursday in a pre-recorded, seven-part interview entitled I Am Leung Chai Yan, aired on Cable TV’s entertainment news programme, CEN.

Making an unexpected announcement on her personal Facebook page on Friday night, Leung said she will leave Hong Kong "for a while". She did not give a departure or return date.

Hours later, a second thread was posted. It read: "Ms Leung Chai-yan will indefinitely decline invitations, phone calls and messages from all media, entertainment [news reporters], photographers, the public or strangers.

"Ms Leung expresses apology and being [sic] grateful for the attentions [sic] from various sectors. Please leave Ms Leung a bit of privacy. All the means of contact you have been using will not be able to reach her any more - that includes Facebook, email, phone number, postal mail or any other ways of communication."

The posts, which are now deleted, departed from the usual style of her previous threads, which were mostly written in casual English. The unexpected announcements during the weekend were written in Chinese in third-person form and formal language.

Posted on Leung's personal Facebook page on Friday night: Ms Leung will leave Hong Kong for a while. Apologies for the inconvenience.


A spokesman for the chief executive's office declined to comment and Leung herself could not be reached for comment either.

A source said Leung had been allowed to express her thoughts freely on her Facebook page. Meanwhile, her father was not informed in advance when she accepted recent media interview invitations.

A spokesman for Cable TV said the remaining episodes would be broadcast as scheduled, but no figures on the audience would be provided.


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