Three students arrested on suspicion of trafficking cannabis at sports day

Three students arrested on suspicion of trafficking cannabis at sports day

Three students from YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College at Tung Chung were arrested on Monday on suspicion of trafficking cannabis in the form of "hash brownies" and "weed cupcakes".

A 16-year-old British girl, her brother, 15, and a Croatian girl, 17, are accused of selling the drug-laced food to schoolmates during the school sports day at Tsing Yi Sports Ground, New Territories. At the event, teachers confronted the trio and called police.

Police confiscated 27 small cakes at the event. "About 10 cakes had been sold. We are looking for the buyers," one police source said.

The three suspects have been released on bail. It is believed that they had posted messages on Facebook and other social media advising schoolmates at the DSS school that the drug cakes would be available during the sports day.

"The cakes were sold for HK$30 to HK$40 each. The [British] girl allegedly made the cakes at home alone," the source said, adding that she might have learned the recipe on the internet.

She lives with her parents and younger brother in the northern New Territories. Police searched the teens' homes and found no illegal drugs, but they seized an oven and some baking powder.

Police are now searching for a South Asian man, aged between 20 and 30, who is believed to have given about 10 grams of cannabis to the 16-year-old girl in Admiralty.

Police data shows the amount of cannabis seized in the first seven months of this year rose 77.5 per cent to 71kg, from 40kg in the same period last year.

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