Protest cause 'doomed to fail'

Protest cause 'doomed to fail'

China's People's Daily warns of bad outcome to Hong Kong's protest


Protesters place an iron fence in front of the entrance to government buildings in Hong Kong.
Protesters place an iron fence in front of the entrance to government buildings in Hong Kong.
Photo: Kyodo

The official government newspaper said on Friday that Beijing will not make concessions to protesters in Hong Kong and their cause is “doomed to fail”.

Students whose peaceful protests have paralysed parts of Hong Kong have agreed to hold talks with the government while vowing to continue their occupation, as Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-yin refulsed to step down.

But the protesters’ demands for free elections are "neither legal nor reasonable", said the People’s Daily newspaper, in a front page editorial.

The National People’s Congress ruled in August that candidates for Hong Kong elections would be selected by a committee, a move slammed by protesters as “fake democracy”.

The People’s Daily said that: "Upholding the decision of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress is the necessary decision, and the only decision."

The protests are "'against legal principles, and doomed to fail", it said, adding: "There is no room to make concessions on important principles."

Analysts say Beijing is wary of giving in to protesters’ demands, as it fears that backing down in the face of demonstrations could show others in China that the Communist leadership will tolerate and give in to public protest.

China’s official military newspaper, the People’s Liberation Army Daily, reported on its front page that more than 1,000 troops in Hong Kong had received ”political training,” stressing loyalty to the Communist party.

The training aimed to "make the voice of the party the strongest voice in the barracks, and ensure absolute loyalty from the troops," it said.

While there are PLA soldiers in Hong Kong. local politicians have so far ruled out using them.


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