Here are the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong

Here are the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong

In such a meat-hungry world, it can be hard to find good alternatives but here are the tastiest veggie joints in the city


Vegetarian tandoori platter from Khana Khazana.
Vegetarian tandoori platter from Khana Khazana.
Photo: David Sutton/SCMP

With so many fad diets taking off over summer, a lot of people like to abandon their meaty meals in favour of trying to be vegetarian or even vegan. Young Post has compiled a list of the must-try vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hong Kong.

Veggie SF Central

Some of us are just hooked on our junk food craze throughout the year, and saying good-bye for a few months can prove to be a challenge. But what if you had the chance to gorge on meat-free burgers?

Veggie SF (San Francisco) is a vegetarian fast-food restaurant in Central that caters to the flexitarian market; those trying to cut down the amount of meat in their diet. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including soybean-based starters and fusion mains.

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Khana Khazana

Craving something more flavourful and spicy? Try Khana Khazana.

Khana Khazana is an Indian restaurant that is completely vegetarian. Apart from the Indian specialties, you'll find a few Western and Chinese dishes spiced with Indian flavours as well as savoury delights like kulfi and gulab jamun.

The aromatic spices make up for the absence of meat, and you'll get a taste of Indian culture with famous Bollywood beats playing in the background.

Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant (Jordan)

As Hongkongers love dim sum, it would be easy to think that they are unwilling to give up such carnivorous delicacies to be vegetarian. But the situation at Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant in Jordan tells a different story.

Its vegetarian dim sum choices include soybean and mock meats. There are also classics like fishballs and siu mai, as well as creative starters like pancakes and radish pastries.

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Po Lin Monastery's Vegetarian Restaurant

Heading to Lantau for a family day, but can't find a vegetarian restaurant to suit your needs? Well, look no further than Po Lin Monastery's Vegetarian Restaurant.

The eatery below the Big Buddha offers a meal that "cleanses the stomach and intestines". It includes soup, a fried snack and a vegetable-based dish along with rice. 

Mana! Fast Slow Food

During lunch time, we usually see ourselves rushing to the canteen, grabbing a quick bite and gobbling it down without being aware of the food's nutritional value. But imagine sitting down in a restaurant with your healthy intentions taken care of, and a relaxing environment adding to your sense of well-being.

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With the motto "Eat like it matters", Mana! Fast Slow Food provides customers with an eating experience like no other. There are takeaway and speedy lunch options for those on the go, and longer, more leisurely meals to be savoured, all the while promoting sustainable living and conscious eating.

The menu offers a huge variety - fresh, organic dishes such as salads and soups; flatbreads freshly cooked from their brick-oven; and more. Besides, the restaurant provides lots of raw, gluten (and guilt)-free delights, perfect if you're looking for a snack that doesn't bust your diet.

Apart from being eco-friendly in terms of catering, Mana! Fast Slow Food has managed to tie in the conservation concept into other aspects of its operation, such as installing energy-saving lights and water-saving toilets.

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