It's a koala invasion

It's a koala invasion

Cute and furry Australian visitors are expected to arrive at Ocean Park next month, as part of a new Australia-themed attraction


The koalas arriving at Ocean Park will feel right at home.
The koalas arriving at Ocean Park will feel right at home.

Well, aren't they just adorable! Ocean Park is expecting some new stars - four eucalyptus-munching koalas.

The cute furballs are currently in quarantine in their native Australia, but could arrive as soon as August.

The South Australian government signed a deal last year to gift eight koalas, all from the Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide, to Ocean Park's new 5,000-square-metre "Adventures in Australia" zone.

The rest of the koalas will join the exhibition in the next two years. The new facility, which is expected to open soon, will also house two other species which are unique to Australia: wallabies and kookaburras.

The koala is known for its big appetite. Ocean Park has planted 8,000 eucalyptus trees in Guangdong province so they won't go hungry. An average koala eats about 1kg of the plant's leaves every day.

Staff from Ocean Park are already in Australia to train for six months and learn how to care for the koalas. Koalas are sensitive to noise, so visitors are reminded to keep as quiet as possible.

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It's a koala invasion


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