We need to change recycling culture

We need to change recycling culture

Hong Kong is planning to make glass recycling mandatory. Currently the practise is only encouraged by the government, which funds glass recycling projects run by NGOs.

However, this system has been criticised because it doesn't work very well. You need a lot of manpower and investment to run a glass recycling scheme.

The government has suggested a "polluter pays" principle. This means the government will hire people to collect and recycle glass, paying for it with fees from those who import or use a lot of glass. But this doesn't encourage people to use less glass.

In my opinion, this won't help promote environmental protection. It ignores practical issues like how to collect so many bottles.

Perhaps a better way to go about it would be to offer money to people who recycle glass themselves. Some companies have already started doing this, offering a small payment if you return a glass bottle to the shop you bought it from.

Education about recycling should also be given priority by the government. The United States boasts the highest recycling rate in the world - 2.1kg of rubbish per person per day. This is encouraged by discussing recycling in schools.

There is no quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solution to our environmental problems. But with a little bit of care, time and patience, it is a wound that will eventually heal.

Long-term problems need long-term solutions.


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