"We are not ATMs"

"We are not ATMs"

Hang Seng Management College proposes a rise in school fees to HK$67,500 a year in years one and two, and to HK$70,500 in years three and four.


Simon Ho is the new president of HSMC.
Simon Ho is the new president of HSMC.
Photo: Felix Wong

Student protesters at Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) made their point quite clear on their signs: "We are not ATMs."

More than 100 students have gathered outside the school since Thursday to protest against the 3.7 per cent increase in fees the school has proposed for the next academic year.

The students demanded to speak to the board of directors and asked the school to release its financial figures.

HSMC is proposing that, starting from this autumn, students in the full-time bachelor's degree programme pay HK$67,500 a year for years one and two , and HK$70,500 a year for years three and four.

In 2010, fees for the first two years were HK$50,000 a year, and HK$55,000 a year for years three and four. The rise to HK$67,500 is 35 per cent in four years, and to HK$70,500 is a 28.2 per cent increase.

In an open letter to students on Thursday, HSMC president Professor Simon Ho Shun-man said the 3.7 per cent rise is lower than the rate of inflation. The money pays for teachers' salaries, campus improvements and other operational costs. "Compared to other private institutions, the increase at our school is one of the lowest," Ho wrote.



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