'Too sexy' Cathay outfits spark fears

'Too sexy' Cathay outfits spark fears

Cathay Pacific's female flight attendants say their uniforms are very revealing and may provoke sexual harassment


The Flight Attendants Union says the new blouses are too short.
The Flight Attendants Union says the new blouses are too short.
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There has been lots of talk in Hong Kong over the comments of Cathay Pacific flight attendants, who want the airline to redesign their uniforms because they feel they are too revealing and may provoke sexual harassment.

The Flight Attendants Union, which represents cabin crew, says flight attendants' skirts, introduced in 2011, are too tight. Their blouses are too short, so they show too much flesh when bending down.

Michelle Choi, the union's honorary secretary, says the uniforms are contributing to an apparent rise in incidents of sexual harassment of cabin crew by passengers - a problem she estimates affects members of the cabin crew on one in every 10 flights.

Young Post talked to some students to find out their thoughts on the issue.

Anna Rai, 15, of St Margaret's Girls' College, believes female staff are right to voice their concerns. "If they don't feel comfortable wearing their uniforms, how will they properly serve others?" she says. "I believe the complaints of Cathay Pacific flight attendants are not baseless; their views should be heard by management."

Natasha Lau, 16, of South Island School, says: "I don't think the uniform looks too revealing. I think it looks fine.

"However, I have heard about cases of sexual harassment before. So maybe they can change the blouses to make them a bit longer, and alter the skirts so they are not as tight."

The request by staff for changes to be made to the uniform is due to be discussed at a management meeting on Tuesday.

On the issue of harassment, Cathay said: "We do not tolerate any form of harassment and take the issue of sexual harassment very seriously."

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'Too sexy' Cathay outfits spark fears


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