A V-day rescue plan

A V-day rescue plan

You kept putting it off, have little cash, but want to do something romantic? YP cadet Joy Pamnani has some ideas.

Got get-up-and-go?

Set sail to Cheung Chau (pictured below) for a mini-getaway. There's plenty for sporty types to do. Take a 50-minute hike up to the North Lookout Pavilion. A great way to tour the island is by bike; take a 15-minute walk from the pier to Sai Tai Road, where you can rent a bike for HK$10 per hour or HK$30 for the whole day.

In the afternoon, head to the beach for a quick swim if you're brave enough to try the chilly water, or some good old beach volleyball. End your day by watching a dazzling sunset while enjoying an outdoor meal on Seafood Street.

Estimated cost per person: HK$25 (ferry round trip), HK$20 (bike rental), HK$100 (food)

Total for two: HK$290

Dance enthusiasts

Head over to Sheung Wan and get your dancing shoes on. Grab some banana toffee pudding or something with a green tea flavour from Sinmei Tea on Wing Lok Street and make your way to the Sheung Wan Civic Centre to watch China Dance Forward 2014. A group of aspiring choreographers from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong will demonstrate their talents, allowing the audience to explore the present and the future of Chinese modern dance. You'll get to watch Chinese contemporary dance, performed by the cream of the city's next generation. Tickets from Urbtix.

Estimated cost per person: HK$70-100 (show), HK$30-50 (dessert) Total: HK$100-300

Foodie folk

Take a leisurely stroll in Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan and grab the best snacks in town. Start in Tsim Sha Tsui: you can pick up a few Indian delicacies (such as cauliflower pakora, pictured above) at Chungking Mansions, then take a short walk to Hungry Korean on Ashley Road to grab some shredded pork sushi to share. Continue along Nathan Road to Jordan, and munch on some dim sum at Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant. If you're craving something sweet, head back to TST, turn in to Canton Road and grab a table at the Sweet House Cha Cha dessert takeaway in Harbour City. They've got the best matcha (green tea) desserts in town. Estimated cost per person: HK$20 (Indian snacks), HK$16 (shredded pork sushi), HK$50 (dim sum), HK$30 (matcha ice cream) Total: HK$232

Going green

Eco-friendly souls probably like to avoid commercialism, too, so wait until Sunday to celebrate. That's the only day the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) expo takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (pictured, bottom left), and is open to the public. The exhibition will feature the latest green products and trends, such as organic food and eco-friendly cleaning products. End your day with a vegetarian dinner in Wan Chai. Loving Hut and Happy Veggies in Hennessy Road are great choices.

Estimated cost per person: HK$10 (expo entrance fee), HK$100 (food)

Total: $220

Cultural couple

Fancy a quiet day absorbing the city's culture? Head to Wan Chai. Start off at the second-hand bookstore ACO Books (38 Hennessy Road). It has more than 3,000 books in Chinese and English, as well as a number of CDs and DVDs. It's a great place to treat yourselves to a couple of titles.

Next, history: if you want to learn more about Hong Kong's past, visit Wan Chai Livelihood Museum (below left) on the first floor of The Blue House (72 Stone Nullah Lane). The exhibits give visitors a glimpse into life in Wan Chai over the years. Tour guides are local residents, and they share their own stories and experiences in the area.

For art, move on to the Asia Fine Art Gallery (14 Sik On Street), which is presenting its New Year Collection, with portraits and sculptures from talented independent women artists. Make your way to Comix Home Base (7 Mallory Street) for an exhibition of works by local comic book artists and animators.

At the entrance of Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road), you'll be able to find the "Untitled" gallery, with images of senior artists and curators.

End the day with a bite from a bakery or dessert place nearby. Passion by Gerard Dubois on Johnston Road has an excellent Chestnut Creme Brûlée. Estimated cost per person: HK$75 (cost of books), $50 (dessert) Total: $250

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