Ruby Leung takes home YP's 2nd Junior Reporter of the Year

Ruby Leung takes home YP's 2nd Junior Reporter of the Year

Maryknoll Convent School student wins Junior Reporter of the Year at Young Post’s 2nd Junior Reporter Awards


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If Ruby Leung becomes a professional journalist someday, then her honour as Junior Reporter of the Year will surely be a milestone on that path.

She won the grand prize on Saturday as junior reporters, cadets, staff and guests all gathered at Hong Kong Disneyland for Young Post's second Junior Reporter Awards. And for Ruby and other lucky winners, their dreams really did come true.

"Winning the Junior Reporter of the Year is truly overwhelming for me, because I was nominated and chosen among nearly 700 other hard-working and talented junior reporters," said Ruby, who attends Maryknoll Convent School.

"Through writing for the Junior Reporters' Club and joining the cadet programme, I have realised how much I love being a journalist. Winning the grand prize is a great encouragement for me to pursue this career, and I am really happy that my time and effort paid off."

Young Post editor Susan Ramsay said: "Ruby has been in the Junior Reporters' Club for five years. During that time, she has been enthusiastic and reliable. She writes well and brings in good story ideas. It was a pleasure to honour her."

The Junior Reporter Awards ceremony in the Cinderella Ballroom of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel honoured those who made outstanding contributions to our newspaper last year. It was an action-packed day that included a scavenger hunt around Disneyland, a loot bag full of swagalicious goodies from our sponsors, a fabulous buffet lunch, and the ceremony.

Here are some highlights of the day, including the winners:


Best Op-Ed Article

Thomas Chan won for Fight for the full picture, an article about teacher Alpais Lam's verbal abuse of a police officer at a September rally.


Best Face-Off Article

Sweetie Lui won for her affirmative stance on "Was there a conflict of interest when Cathay Pacific paid for lawmakers' trip to France?"


Best Workshop Report

Joy Pamnani won the Best Workshop Report award for Going green...and gourmet about cooking at the Hong Kong Culinary Academy.


Best Cover/Feature

Pradyumn Dayal won Best Cover/Feature award for Don't hold your breath about electric vehicles.


Most Enthusiastic Junior Reporter (8 winners)

Minnie Yip

Ruthie Joe-Laidler

Liam Fung

Christy Wong

Giselle Chan

Lyndon Fan

Sonia Tsui

Odessa Fung

Aside from these awards, two brand new award categories were introduced this year:


Best photographer

Henry Lui won the initial award.

"I was really quite overwhelmed when I received the award, as photography has mostly been just a hobby for me. I wasn't really planning to use those skills to win awards. It is easy to be sucked into the hobby, and I used to take a lot of bad photos, thinking they were amazing, but that's just part of the learning process. I believe prospective photographers should take it slowly and learn from others in order to develop their unique artistic style," said Henry.


Best volunteering report

Kira Lai won the award for "The night's residents".

Disney is dedicated to creating happy memories for not only its visitors, but also the needy. Disney's core values are creativity, conservation and compassion, and in line with Disney's core value of compassion, Young Post ran beat, a campaign to find out what young people are doing to volunteer in the city. Although Kira won, it was wonderful and inspiring to read what some of you and your peers get up to.


Searching for clues

With the help of Disneyland, we sent our guests on a scavenger hunt around the park. They had to have eagle eyes to catch everything we'd hidden away for them.

In the end, the winning team of Lyndon Fan, Liam Fung, Henry Lui, Yasmin Subba and Yick Jing-yin scored 14 correct answers and won phone cases from OtterBox and HK$100 Log-On gift cards.

"The scavenger hunt was really well organised and fun!" Yasmin says. "We even had to take the 'It's a Small World' ride to answer one of the questions. It also forced us to work together with people from different schools, backgrounds and ages. I learnt a lot about my teammates and their schools - as well as about myself - from working as a team and having fun."


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