Hong Kong temperature set to drop ahead of weekend

Hong Kong temperature set to drop ahead of weekend

It's going to feel cold from Thursday, with temperatures in urban areas dropping to 12 degrees Celsius, and even lower in rural districts


You'll need more than this jacket for the next few days.
Photo: Jonathan Wong

You might want to make plans to stay indoors this weekend. The temperature will drop significantly tomorrow during the day, with the weather becoming cloudy with rain patches. 

Temperatures will plummet to about 12 Celsius degrees tomorrow night in the urban areas, and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories. The minimum temperature is expected to remain around 12 degrees until Sunday, with maximums reaching 17-19 degrees.It is also expected to be windy, with a monsoon approaching Guangdong, causing moderate to fresh winds (and a distinct likelihood of chapped skin).

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the wet weather isn't expected to last, with mornings becoming fine and dry in the following couple of days.

Temperatures are expected to rise gradually, with a forecast of 15-19 degrees on Monday.


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