Hong Kong protests: Live updates as ‘human chains’ form along four MTR rail lines in show of support for democracy

Hong Kong protests: Live updates as ‘human chains’ form along four MTR rail lines in show of support for democracy

Hongkongers have been urged to join hands with strangers and passers-by in a peaceful demonstration of the need for unity

Hong Kong protesters have called for the formation of "human chains" along the routes of four MTR railway lines today at 7pm in a bid to show their support for democracy, demonstrate the need for unity during the anti-ELAB movement, and appeal for international support.

Organised on popular local forum LIHKG and dubbed "The Hong Kong Way", participants are expected to gather outside MTR stations on the Island Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Kwun Tong Line and Ma On Shan Line and join hands in a peaceful demonstration. 

Join us here for live updates of the event.

[UPDATE - August 23, 8.06pm]
We're signing off for the night. We'd love to hear from your experience if you take part in the human chain tonight, or your thoughts on whether or not this form of protesting is effective.

We'll be reporting live from the Police Relatives Connection Rally - tune in then!

[UPDATE - August 23, 8.02pm]
Protesters started a line in Sham Shui Po, but were seen heading towards Cheung Sha Wan to attract more people.


[UPDATE - August 23, 7.54pm]
Protesters are forming a chain at the far end of the Tsuen Wan line, too.


[UPDATE - August 23, 7.33pm]
The Causeway Bay human chain has reached from Causeway Bay MTR Exit E to Victoria Park.


[UPDATE - August 23, 7.25pm]
A shot of the human chain in Admiralty - or a small section of it, at least!


[UPDATE - August 23, 7.13pm]
People have been handed lyrics to Do You Hear the People Sing?, Sing Hallelujah to the Lord, and two songs by Hong Kong rockers, Beyond.


[UPDATE - August 23, 7.12pm]
A line of people is forming in Causeway Bay, just next to Sogo.


[UPDATE - August 23, 6.50pm]
A crowd of people dressed in black has gathered outside Wan Chai MTR Exit A3 on Johnston Road to form tonight’s human chain. 

A woman, surnamed Lo, said that their plan is to split across two directions once there’s enough people. “I will send some participants towards Admiralty and fishes towards Causeway Bay.”

[UPDATE - August 23, 6.47pm]
In Central's Chater Garden, people are starting to gather ahead of the official 7pm start time.



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