Hong Kong extradition bill: Live updates as protesters march at annual July 1 rally on handover anniversary

Hong Kong extradition bill: Live updates as protesters march at annual July 1 rally on handover anniversary

Protesters dismantle metal fence at Legco and attempt to break through internal gate


Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

The Civil Human Rights Front, the organisers of three large scale anti-extradition bill protests earlier this month, is also coordinating today’s annual July 1 March today, which is the 22nd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong. 

Themed “No Extradition to China” and “Carrie Lam Step Down”, the march will start off at 2.30pm from Victoria Park, and is set to end at the Central Government Offices in Admiralty. 

Demonstrators were asked to dress in black for the protest, in a Facebook post by the Front.  

A real-time map that shows the situation around Admiralty was shared by Hong Kong author Kong Tsung-gan on Twitter, which shows the locations of medical stations, supply booths and police checkpoints.

Meanwhile, some protesters have been occupying the streets around Admiralty, and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

Follow our live coverage of the day’s events here:

[UPDATE - Monday, 8.19pm]

This is the end of our live coverage of today’s events. Please head over to the South China Morning Post’s rolling live blog for further coverage. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 8.12pm]

Via SCMP, many protesters are still surrounding Legco, and supplies are being brought in as a small group of person work to break down entrances.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 8.11pm]

The Civic Party, one of the biggest pan-democratic groups in the legislature, has released an emergency statement in Chinese. Translation via SCMP:

“Lam is responsible for the serious conflicts caused by citizens’ dissatisfaction and young people’s despair. Her government has closed its eyes and refused to listen, and pushed Hong Kong to a social crisis that has never been seen before,” the statement reads.

“We urge Lam to stop being an enemy of the people. She must, today, respond to the public’s various demands, including but not limited to, the withdrawal of the bill, retracting the categorisation of clashes on June 12 as riots, stop arresting and prosecuting protesters, launch an independent inquiry commission to investigate police brutality, and to step down over her failure of governance.”

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.52pm]

Via SCMP, the tail end of the protesters have exited Victoria Park and are making their way past the junction of Canal Road East and Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.48pm]

Via SCMP, protesters are streaming through smashed glass panels into an out area within the Legco complex. 

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.43pm]

Via SCMP, there is still a large crowd of protesters on Harcourt Road. 

Photo: Karen Zhang

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.31pm]

Via SCMP, Legislative Council president Andrew Leung said through a spokesman, that he is “deeply saddened” by the “extremely violent means” the demonstrators have used to storm the Legco complex.

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.22pm]

Via SCMP, an architect familiar with the layout of the metal fencing at Legco says, “It was meant to be a partition between the parking area behind the fence and the public space outside. It's not designed for security purposes”

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.02pm]

Via SCMP, protesters have stopped trying to breach the heavy duty gate inside the Legco building and have blocked it with wooden boards instead.

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.55pm]

Via SCMP, protesters are trying to break up a heavy metal gate that is inside the Legco building. Police officers who are armed with shields and gas masks guard the outside side, which leads to the lobby of the legislature. 

At least one officer has a shotgun that can fire rubber bullets. Officers are warming that anymore who comes in will be arrested. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.37pm]

Via SCMP, police accuse some protesters of using lime powder, or caustic soda, to attack officers. Caustic soda reacts with moisture in a highly exothermic reaction and generates a lot of heat. It can damage bare skin and the eyes. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.17pm]

Protesters are now ripping down a fence around the Legco building. A red alert has been issued there, which means everyone should evacuate the area, via Legco member Au Nok-hin.

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.01pm]

A public announcement states the protesters can make their way to Chater Road via Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road once they reach Percival Street. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.57pm]

Harcourt Road is still completely occupied, as police stand guard at a distance.

Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.44pm]

Via SCMP, a small group of protesters has breached the main entrance of Legco. They are between the entrance and metal gates that lead to the lobby.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.37pm]

More than 20 police vehicles are parked on Tim Mei Avenue.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.33pm]



[UPDATE - Monday, 5.35pm]

At a different part of the Legco building.


[UPDATE - Monday, 5.22pm]

Via SCMP, some protesters are storming the legislature again.



[UPDATE - Monday, 5.02pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 4.57pm]

Not much is happening at Chater Garden, the new finishing point for the official event. Some protesters are taking a rest.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.46pm]

Some protesters near High Court are urging marchers to turn towards government headquarters.

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.45pm]

Protesters on Harcourt Road seem more alert after they spot the “speedy dragons” tactical squad.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.42pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 4.35pm]

On Harcourt Road, protesters have blocked off all lanes and are sitting down in the shade. The atmosphere is very calm.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.31pm]

Protesters are still trying to head to the starting point of Victoria Park, with Causeway Bay MTR station very crowded two hours after the official start of the protest.

Photo: Hanna Hipwell Serfaty

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.14pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 4.13pm]

Via SCMP, police inside Legco are putting on heavy gear. Some protesters are retreating from the area in anticipation of police action.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.05pm]

The first set of protesters from Victoria Park arrive at Tamar Park. Everyone is shouting add oil.

Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 4.01pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 3.58pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 3.55pm]

US flags and signs saying “No Communism in Hong Kong” spotted on Hennessy Road.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.48pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 3.43pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 3.27pm]

Protesters on Hennessy Road waiting for more marchers from Victoria Park.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.27pm]

Protesters are using anything they can find to block off Harcourt Road.

Photo: Hanna Hipwell Serfaty

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.19pm]

A sign that says “Hong Kong butcher Carrie Lam and number of political prisoners soaring because of a White Bone Spirit”. A white bone spirit is a deceitful demon from Chinese literary classic Journey to the West.

Photo: Nester Chik

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.14pm]

Protest art seen near Lennon wall. From left, Police Commissioner Stephen Lo, Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng and Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.06pm]

A sea of black under a sea of coloured umbrellas, as protesters start their march from Victoria Park.

Photo: Pauline Wong

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.03pm]

The metal trolley has been pulled inside the Legco building by police.

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.53pm]

Protesters have broken the glass doors at Lecgo and are trying to make their way in. Police are stationed inside the building and have raised the red flag, warning them to stop charging. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.48pm]

The organisers of the protest, the Civil Human Rights Front have announced the end point of the march will be Chater Road instead of Government Headquarters as planned. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.36pm]

The main protest has yet to start on Causeway Road from Victoria Park. The organisers have asked protesters to remain on the pedestrian roads until a lead protest vehicle starts off the march.

Photo: Nester Chik

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.32pm]

Some protesters have begun using the metal trolley to ram the doors of the Legco building again.

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.22pm]

Representatives of Ying Wa Girls’ School is currently on Fire Dragon Path near Victoria Park waiting for the protest to start.

Photo: Pauline Wong

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.15pm]

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.09pm]

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.08pm]

Many pro-democracy Legco members are attempting to stop the few protesters who are trying to ram the doors. They include Fernando Chung Chiu-hong, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, Kwok Ka-ki, Andrew Wan Shiu-kin, Lam Cheuk-ting, Roy Kwong Chun-yu, Wu Chi-wai, Leung Yiu-chung, and Ted Hui Chi-fung.

[UPDATE - Monday, 2.02pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 1.45pm]

The police are giving a media briefing asking protesters to march to Wan Chai instead of Admiralty and to delay the march. The police have stated the organisers have denied both requests.

[UPDATE - Monday, 1.44pm]

The police have raised a red flag from inside the Legco building. The also fired a round of tear gas from spray cans. Legco member Claudia Mo got gurt and is waiting for an ambulance.

[UPDATE - Monday, 1.43pm]

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong at Great George Street in Causeway Bay said, “I was still in prison on June 16, but I will join all you protesters today.”

Photo: Nester Chik

[UPDATE - Monday, 1.38pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 1.33pm]

The protesters have used a metal trolley as a battering ram to try to breach the doors of the Legco building. The glass of the doors have cracked.

Some protesters are telling other protesters not to do this.

[UPDATE - Monday, 1.15pm]


[UPDATE - Monday, 12.33pm]

The Hong Kong Police has released a statement on Facebook condemning protesters for throwing unknown liquids at officers during clashes at 9:30am. They have said 13 officers have been sent to hospital with breathing problems and redness of the skin.

[UPDATE - Monday, 12.31pm]

[UPDATE - Monday, 12.15pm]

Kowloon Motor Bus and Citybus have released a list of affected bus routes and special arrangements for today. 


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