Hong Kong extradition law: Protesters march to G20 embassies in HK to petition for foreign assistance ahead of Osaka summit 2019

Hong Kong extradition law: Protesters march to G20 embassies in HK to petition for foreign assistance ahead of Osaka summit 2019

About 1,500 protesters called on 19 consulates in the city to deliver their petitions, of which 16 sent a representative to receive them


Protesters embarked on a marathon walk to 19 different foreign embassies in Hong Kong, to deliver their petition.
Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

About 1,500 protesters marched to 19 of the G20 nation embassies this morning, to petition for the countries to support their fight against now-suspended extradition bill, and raise concerns about the city's ongoing political turmoil. 

After gathering at Chater Garden at 9am, protesters made their way to the nearby US consulate, British consulate and EU offices, where they were met with representatives from each of the embassies. 

They then split into three different groups to meet representatives from the remaining countries, including Germany, Australia, Canada and France. 

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The demonstration comes after China's assistant minister of foreign affairs, Zhang Zun, said that G20 will not discuss the affairs of Hong Kong. "Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs, and no foreign country has the right to intervene," said Zun in a press conference on Monday. 

The controversial legislation would have allowed for the transfer of suspected criminals to mainland China and other countries which do not have an extradition deal with Hong Kong.

The summit will take place in Osaka, Japan, from June 28-29. 

British Consulate Deputy Head of Mission, Esther Blythe (middle), appears outside the embassy to receive the requests from protesters.
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

The demonstrators urged world leaders to back Hong Kong by supporting the full withdrawal of the extradition bill, as well as the establishment of an Investigation Committee on Police Brutality. 

They successfully handed their petition to 16 of their 19 intended recipients, as the Indian embassy, Russian embassy and Indonesian embassy did not send a representative to meet with the organisers. Although China is also part of the G20 nations, they did not stop at Beijing's liaison office in Hong Kong. They completed their march at around 2pm.

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Protesters were dressed in black, while some wore white t-shirts with the slogan: “Liberate Hong Kong” written on the front. 

“We plan on protesting until the bill is withdrawn,” said a student surnamed Chow, who chose not to reveal her full name and age. “I want to stand up to authorities that are abusing their power.” 

The Civil Human Rights Front, the leading organisers of three previous mass anti-extradition protests earlier this month, will hold a rally at 8pm tonight at Edinburgh Place in Central. They have invited different professionals to announce a declaration in multiple languages, and talk about the relationship between Hong Kong and the international community. The Front has also urged participants to turn on their phone's flashlight at 9pm tonight in a show of solidarity.


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