Hong Kong extradition law: Live updates as protesters surround police HQ and other government buildings on June 21

Hong Kong extradition law: Live updates as protesters surround police HQ and other government buildings on June 21

Follow our updates as Hong Kong prepares for another day of protests, strikes and demonstrations across the city


Protesters surround Police HQ in Wan Chai.
Photo: SCMP

Protesters are surrounding Hong Kong’s legislative and administrative headquarters today, after Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor refused to completely withdraw the controversial extradition bill before their set deadline at 5pm yesterday.

The protesters’ four demands, which were issued on social media and internet messaging groups, also included that Lam retract all references to the clashes between protesters and police on June 12 as being a riot.

The other demands were to punish police officers who they claim used excessive force and drop all charges against protesters. 

Even though there was no major movement at 5pm yesterday, various pressure groups issued a joint statement, and vowed to begin a non-cooperation movement at 7am today. They also urged other protesters to gather outside the government’s headquarters at 8pm on Friday, if they could not make it in the morning or afternoon.

Follow our live updates below to keep up with what's happening today. 

[UPDATE - Friday, 8.20pm]

Amnesty International reports that it has verified at least 14 instances of Hong Kong police using excessive force against protesters from the June 12 demonstration. These included:

- the assault from behind on a lone proteser at the intersection of Harcourt Road and Tim Wa Avenue

- beating a female protester after she had been wrestled to the ground outside Legco

- fireming multiple rounds of teargas at protesters trapped outside CITIC Tower on Lung Wui Road.

- firing rubber bullets into the crowd at the intersection between Harcourt Road and Cotton Tree Drive

- spraying a man who posed no threat 14 times with pepper spray on Lung Wo Road

- blocking the Admiralty MTR station exit and repeatedly using pepper spray on a group of retreating protesters

- using batons to disperse journalists who had made their identities clear in Justice Drive

[UPDATE - Friday, 7.45pm]



[UPDATE - Friday, 7.28pm]

Protesters pass big bags of supplies and helmets to people standing at the front.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 7.18pm]

Police officers who were stationed outside have headed inside the HQ building, as thousands of protesters are still gathered outside. Some are carrying shields.

Photo: SCMP
Photo: Sue Su

[UPDATE - Friday, 7.01pm]

Scenes from outside Pacific Place where a makeshift memorial is still in place for the protester who fell to his death last Saturday.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP
Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 6.46pm]

There are still thousands of protesters outside Police HQ in Wan Chai. There is a supply station nearby with water, food and first aid items for people in need.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 6.42pm]

The Hong Kong Police have released a short video on Twitter featuring footage of the protests today. 

The video has captions reading "using metal barriers to make obstacles" and "getting in the way of government operations". The video also says protesters are "organised" and the protest is "premeditated".


[UPDATE - Friday, 6.35pm]


[UPDATE - Friday, 6.22pm]

Via SCMP, the following New World First Bus and Citybus routes have been suspended: 1P, 12M, 13, 23, 23B, 66, 70A, 260, H1, H1A, H2, W1, X15 and  X15R. About 70 daytime routes have been diverted.

KMB has suspended one route while there are detours on about 40 of its other routes.

[UPDATE - Friday, 6.17pm]

Protesters have vandalised the Police Tactical Unit 2019 poster outside HQ.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 6.12pm]

Protesters are moving metal barricades and orange traffic cones to various checkpoints on Gloucester Road.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 6.04pm]

Via SCMP, Legislative Council member Claudia Mo Man-ching said today's protesters are acting on their own and were not being directed by anyone. 

"We hope the government can come out to speak with student representatives, as the situation is at a stalemate," she said.

[UPDATE - Friday, 5.57pm]

The view from a flyover overlooking Police headquarters at Wan Chai.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 5.42pm]

Two students complete their homework as they sit outside Police HQ in Wan Chai.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 5.37pm]

Via SCMP, The Civil Human Rights Front announces a rally on Wednesday to "deal another blow" to Chief Executive Carrie Lam ahead of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

The rally will be held at Edinburgh Place in Central at 8pm.

[UPDATE - Friday, 5.29pm]

Protesters aren’t allowing the police to exit their HQ unless they bring Stephen Lo Wai-Chung out to speak to them. Some workers who wanted to leave have gone back into the building.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 5.15pm]

Via SCMP, protesters have barricaded on set of doors at the Wan Chai police headquarters with a broom, umbrellas and some cable ties. Officers inside observe but do not take any action to stop them.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 4.51pm]

Amnesty International, a London-based NGO that is focused on human rights, has released a report that says the use of force by the Hong Kong police on June 12 was unnecessary and excessive. The full report can be found here.

[UPDATE - Friday, 4.29pm]

Via SCMP, most protesters have left the Immigration Department headquarters. There are only about 10 demonstrators remaining.

[UPDATE - Friday, 4.19pm]

The High Court Library entrance has been closed. Some protesters are sitting outside High Court as well.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP
Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 4.02pm]

Via SCMP, some protesters threw eggs at police officers stationed at the Wan Chai headquarters earlier this afternoon, but two other protesters went to tell them to stop. One woman said "Please don't throw things, it has taken us long to get respect from people. Police has not done anything yet. Please!"

The woman picks up the box of eggs and says she will throw them away.

[UPDATE - Friday, 4.02pm]

[UPDATE - Friday, 3.57pm]

Some protesters are also using metal barriers to block the flyover on Gloucester Road.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 3.52pm]

Protesters are leaving Immigration Tower. They are also using rocks to block part of Gloucester Road near Wan Chai.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP
Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 3.38pm]

The HK Police Force have said via Twitter that as of 3.35pm, a total of 28 '999' calls in the Wan Chai district could not be immediately handled due to the protests. 

[UPDATE - Friday, 3.08pm]

A reporter from RTHK shared a video of a man performing some kind of spell outside police HQ. 

[UPDATE - Friday, 2.57pm]

In a tweet from RTHK, protesters can be seen inside the lobbies of Revenue Tower and Immigration Tower. 

[UPDATE - Friday, 2.43pm]

SCMP reports an estimated 1,500 protesters are at the junction of Gloucester and Harcourt Roads in Wan Chai.

A number of passers-by taking photos of the protests from the bridge have been told not to unless they are journalists.


[UPDATE - Friday, 2.32pm]

[UPDATE - Friday, 2.22pm]

As of 2.13pm, around 1,000 people have occupied Arsenal Street outside Police HQ.

[UPDATE - Friday, 2.12pm]

Demosisto Vice-Chairman, Isaac Cheng Ka-long told Young Post reporters that they have gathered at the Police HQ to give pressure to the police to retract the characterisation of the June 12 protests as a riot, and apologise for their use of excessive force. “Steven Lo and Carrie Lam haven’t stepped down either. We’re here to call for that and we hope they can listen to what the public is demanding.”

He also added that surrounding the police headquarters was an unprecedented move, and hopes the government can see how angry the people are as they’d all been wronged as rioters.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.45pm]

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.39pm]

The police officers are using at least two video cameras to record the actions of protesters.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.26pm]

Joshua Wong Chi-fung just told the crowd that they've surrounded all of Police HQ. He reminded protesters to remain hydrated and get food. He also told those gathered outside Police HQ that people were gathering outside the Inland Revenue Department complex in Wan Chai. 

According to SCMP, a few hundred protesters are there now, and are blocking the entrances. 

Photo: Joanne Ma/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.18pm]

A police officer has equipped a shield at Wan Chai police station.

Photo: Joanne Ma/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.17pm]



[UPDATE - Friday, 1.15pm]

Some protesters have thrown some eggs at the police outside the station. 

Photo: Joanne Ma/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 1.14pm]

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.59pm]

Hong Kong pro-democracy legislators Ted Hui Chi-fung and Au Nok-hin wanted to file an official complaint against the police regarding their excessive use of force during the June 12 protests. However, the entrance is closed at the moment. Protesters, led by Joshua Wong chi-fung, along with the two legislators demanded the police to open the door.

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.55pm]

Police officers are guarding one of their station entrances on Arsenal Street.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.52pm]

As police offers asked protesters to cooperate and not block the roads, the angry public responded by shouting: "release [the arrested protesters]!"

Photo: Joanne Ma/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.39pm]


[UPDATE - Friday, 12.28pm]

Joshua Wong Chi-fung made a speech at the police headquarters. He encouraged protesters to chant slogans like: “There’s no riot, only atrocity!”; “Retract the characterisation of riot!” “Surround police headquarters!” and “We’re not rioters, we did not riot!”

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.21pm]

A 16-year-old student told Young Post that although she is scared that clashes will happen today, she came to protest as she is "furious with the government." She added, "Until now, they still haven't released the arrested protesters." 

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.16pm]

Via SCMP, the house committee and finance committee meetings of the Hong Kong legislature have been cancelled due to the ongoing anti-extradition protests

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.12pm]

Hong Kong Democratic Party legislator, Roy Kwong Chun-yu, is outside Wan Chai Police Station. He has urged protesters to be safe and take care of each other. "No bloodhsed, no injury and no arrest!" 

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.12pm]

The police have appealed to protesters to leave peacefully in a press conference, saying that this was not a clearance operation and they respect their right to express their opinions. They have pointed out lunchtime is approaching and more traffic is expected around Admiralty.

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.06pm]

Harcourt Road, which was occupied by protesters just 30 minutes ago is much emptier now. However, there are still no cars on the road. 

[UPDATE - Friday, 12.02am]


[UPDATE - Friday, 11.50am]

Lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung of the Labour Party spotted at the scene outside Wan Chai police station.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 11.44am]

Protesters have erected a barricade just outside of the car park entrance of Wan Chai police station.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 11.37am]

Some protesters have gathered around Wan Chai police station to urge the police to release the arrested protesters.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP



[UPDATE - Friday, 11.18am]

Protesters have occupied all six lanes of Harcourt Road but they are making way for some of the vehicles to leave the scene.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP
Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 11.17am]

Protesters are using barricades to block Harcourt Road fom oncoming traffic. 

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

[UPDATE - Friday, 11.14am]



[UPDATE - Friday, 9.54am]

A stencil referring to Avengers: Endgame spotted near Hung Hom cross-harbour bus stops.




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