Hong Kong extradition law: Doctor's revelations on patient privacy, and updates from fresh protest happening outside Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s office on June 17

Hong Kong extradition law: Doctor's revelations on patient privacy, and updates from fresh protest happening outside Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s office on June 17

Follow our updates as Hongkongers, led by pro-democracy lawmaker Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, protest outside the Chief Executive's Office, call on city leader to speak with them

One day after an estimated 2 million people took to the streets to protest against the proposed extradition, a fresh protest is gaining momentum outside of Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s government offices.

Led by legislators Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, Au Nok-hin and former lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung, protesters have set up camp outside the Chief Executive Office are demanding she come out and speak with them. 

Stay tuned for updates.

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.04pm]

#riotnotriot Hong Kong Police Chief Stephen Lo Wai-chung has said that only protesters who threw bricks and wielded metal poles at police will be charged with rioting. He did not answer questions about how protesters could lodge complaints against those police officers whose numbers were covered.

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.04pm]

If you, like us, have been wondering how police were able to so easily arrest injured protesters in hospital, we got the answer today. Doctor and legislative councillor Pierre Chun Pui-yin revealed on his blog that computers in the Accident and Emergency sections of some hospitals allowed police to view patient data.

He also revealed that medics had recently been asked to classify the how patients had become injured, with "a mass gathering outside Legco" as one of the options, along with "fever from institution" or "pneumonia"

Chan said on his blog that this was a violation of the Data Privacy Law, and that the HA had lied to the public.

The councillor said he had been getting a lot of complaints from medical staff who recieved an email on June 12. It told them that the top management in the Authority was closely monitoring the situation in light of the protests.

"For casualty related to the incident, please register with the incident nature "Mass Gathering" with Description: "Mass gathering outside Legco" in AEIS and identify the casualty such as "Police", "Reporter", "Civilian" or "Others", the email said.

AEIS is the Accident Emergency Information System.

On his blog, Chan showed how users can log into the system without a password and can find an interface "for police".


Reaction to the revelation was swift, as Chan warned that this acton could endanger people's lives if they don't go to hospital when they need to because they fear being arrested.

[UPDATE - Monday, 7.04pm]

A Form six student who wishes to remain anonymous says he has the same demands as all Hong Kong people, which is for the government to withdraw the unjust law. 

However he thinks that calling for the resignation of Carrie Lam is just sloganeering, and missing the main points of the law and the dismissal of rioting charges.

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.52pm]

Au Nok-hin and Eddie Chu are discussing with the crowd what strategies they should use to get the government to meet their 4 core demands. These are: 

1. Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill
2. Police to be held accountable for the decision to shoot
3. Release the arrested protesters and withdraw all charges against them, and to retract the characterisation of protesters as rioters
4. Chief Executive Carrie Lam to resign

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.45pm]

Lung Wo Road tunnel has been partially blocked by protesters since 4.49pm.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.26pm]

Legislative council member Au Nok-hin and former member Leung Kwok-hung hair are speaking to the crowd, urging patience. They ask the protesters not to attempt to surround Government House, the official residence of Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.21pm]

Police are manning a barricade stopping protesters from getting closer to the CE's office.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 6.17pm]

A group of protesters at Tim Wa Ave are chanting slogans demanding that Carrie Lam step down from her post. Some are also chanting, "Release" in reference to those arrested on Wednesday.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.46pm]



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