Hong Kong extradition law: Live updates the day after 2 million Hongkongers gathered peacefully to protest the controversial fugitive law

Hong Kong extradition law: Live updates the day after 2 million Hongkongers gathered peacefully to protest the controversial fugitive law

Follow our updates as Hong Kong prepares for another day of protests, strikes and demonstrations across the city


Organisers officially ended the demonstrations at 11pm. However at midnight, most of the roads around government headquarters were still occupied.
Photo: SCMP

For the second consecutive Sunday, Hongkongers marched from Victoria Park to Tamar, in a demonstration against the government's extradition bill. 

In a historic moment for the city, according to the organisers, nearly two million protesters flooded the streets.

At the end of  gathering, the organisers vocalised their five demands: a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill; the police to be held accounable for the decision to shoot last Wednesday; the release of the arrested protesters and a complete withdrawal of their charges; to retract the characterisation of the demonstrations as a "riot"; and the resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. 

At 11.03pm, all protesters stood in a moment of silence to pay tribute to the man who jumped to his death outside Pacific Place on Saturday night. 

Though the gathering had officially come to a close, at midnight, protesters showed no signs of leaving the area. And in another victorious moment, pro-democracy party Demosisto announced that its co-founder, Joshua Wong, will be released from prison on Monday. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.23pm]

[UPDATE - Monday, 5.01pm]

Dr Pierre Chan Pui-yin, Medical sector lawmaker, has accused the Hospital Authority of lying in their previous press releases, saying he has received evidence and testimony from multiple people at multiple hospitals of backdoors in hospital computer systems that allow police to access information.

"This is the HA management, including the Information Technology department systematically leaking patient information to other parties." Chan said at a press conference earlier today.

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.48pm]

Via SCMP, former secretary for transport and housing Anthony Cheung Bing-leung has called on Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to announce the full withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill, apologise for her handling of the saga, and appoint a commission of inquiry to look into alleged excessive use of force by police last Wednesday.

“The crisis underscores the complete failure of our political system. The central government can no longer expect the problems in Hong Kong to be resolved by focusing on economic and livelihood issues, while avoiding political reform,” said Cheung. Read the full story here.

[UPDATE - Monday, 3.05pm]

Pro-democracy activist and one of the key leaders of 2014's Umbrella Movement Joshua Wong was released from prison earlier today. Now he is outside Legco to show support for the anti-extradition law movement.

[UPDATE - Monday, 12.43pm]

A secondary school student from Hong Kong, surnamed So, has just arrived at Tamar as soon as she finished her Chinese listening exam. "The Taiwan murder case should be handled by the government of Taiwan and Hong Kong. There’s no need to introduce any amendments to the bill or get the Chinese government involved in this," she said. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 11.41am]

Members of the public that work in the social welfare sector are currently on strike at Civic Square inside the Central Government Complex, to protest against the controvesial bill. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 11.30am]

Young Post reporters at Tim Wa Avenue outside Legco have just seen more than 20 police vans arrive. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 11.01am]

Harcourt Road is now open again. Vehicles can now travel Westbound.

[UPDATE - Monday, 10.43am]

Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader, Joshua Wong Chi-fung has just been released from prison. In an interview with the press, he's asked Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to step down.

[UPDATE - Monday, 10.39am]

Edinburgh Place - the site for students that are striking to congregate - is empty at the minute, with only a few policemen patrolling the area. Young Post reporters are on the scene and will follow what's to come.

[UPDATE - Monday, 10.30am] 

According to eyewitnesses, protesters are now leaving Harcourt Road and moving to Tim Mei Avenue outside Legco. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 10.12am]

The Transport Department said that around 70 bus routes were affected by the closure of the roads in Admiralty. They said service on 10 routes were suspended while another 63 were rerouted. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 9.15am]

Though protesters are still gathered on the roads outside Legco, the police have opened Queensway and Lung Wo street. They have allowed protesters to remain on Harcourt Road for now. 

[UPDATE - Monday, 8.42am]

The Hong Kong government released a statement at 6am this morning stating that The Central Government Offices will be temporarily closed today. Staff have been asked to work in accordance with the contingency plans of their respective departments.


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