HKMUN 2019 aims to encourage countries to work work together to tackle global issues like climate change

HKMUN 2019 aims to encourage countries to work work together to tackle global issues like climate change


HKMUN emulates the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly.
Photo: Xinhua

Students from 30 schools across Hong Kong will gather at the Science Park from March 17 -19 for the annual Hong Kong Model United Nations event.

During the three-day event, students will participate in a series of activities designed to simulate being part of the United Nations as delegates. This will involve representing the various bodies of the UN as they tackle the issues that plague our world today - from religious conflict to environmental degradation.

Young Post spoke to Christian Suen, 17, from St Paul’s Co-educational College who's this year's head of marketing, to find out what inspired this year’s theme: "A Torch to Carry Forward".

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“In 2019, it is really important for countries to put down their past grudges and look towards the future,” said the 2017 Student of the Year English Linguist Award winner. “Issues like global warming need to be tackled not by just one country alone, but through the combined efforts of all nations.”

Comparing this combined effort to events like the Olympics, Christian explained how the torch metaphor represents the UN’s approach to the problems faced by the world today: “[We] really need to move forward, and carry this torch that can be passed on from one [country] to another.”  

Christian also explained that despite Hong Kong not having a delegation at the UN, understanding the workings of international organisations is incredibly valuable to this city's students.

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“In Hong Kong we have a really close connection with China, but we're also able to deal with westerners fairly effectively," he said. “It is really important for us to know more about global politics ... because it can help us figure out how to see the world better and from different angles.”

Beyond gaining a global perspective, Christian adds that HKMUN also helps students with “public speaking skills and interpersonal communication, (because) having confidence in what you're saying and being able to communicate your ideas is incredibly important.”

Further, students will also compete for different awards, ranging from Best Delegate to Best Dressed. 



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