HK Democratic Party lawmaker urges police to investigate attack on bus driver by two mainland Chinese women

HK Democratic Party lawmaker urges police to investigate attack on bus driver by two mainland Chinese women

Two Mandarin-speaking female passengers accused of hitting HK driver who complained they were too slow to board the bus


Screengrab of a video showing the driver of a Discovery Bay Transit Services bus being berated by two Mandarin-speaking female passengers, who repeatedly pulled at his clothes and slapped his head.
Photo: YouTube

A law maker has asked Hong Kong police to investigate an alleged attack on a bus driver after viral video clips showed two women physically abusing the man at a Lantau Island housing estate last Tuesday night.

The 46-year-old driver on Discovery Bay Transit Services’ route DP03P was shown in a 90-second clip being screamed at by two Mandarin-speaking female passengers as he sat inside a stationary bus at the terminus at Discovery Bay North Plaza. The women repeatedly pulled at his clothes and slapped him on the head. A man tried to mediate but failed.

In another clip, the driver was seen being berated by the women outside the single-decker bus, one of them grabbing his head and pulling his hair.

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When police officers arrived, one of the women disappeared. The other woman and the driver both said they would not pursue the case, according to a police source. The source said the dispute started when two mainland women and a young girl boarded the bus at the start of the route at Sunny Bay MTR station, where the driver complained they were being too slow getting on.

Both sides apparently argued during the trip. At one point, the trio’s luggage fell over when the driver hit the brake, irritating them.

The clips went viral soon after.

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Democratic Party lawmaker Roy Kwong Chun-yu wrote to the police on Thursday to call for serious action. “Full concentration while driving is very important for bus drivers, who are trying hard to take passengers home or to work,” Kwong said, adding that society would not accept the women’s disrespectful manners.

Amy Yung Wing-sheung, an Islands District Council member for Discovery Bay, said the hotel should deploy its own buses to transport its customers rather than putting a strain on the transport intended for residents of the estate.

Estate developer Hong Kong Resort Company, which owns Discovery Bay Transit Services, said the driver and the passengers concerned did not mention details of the assault to its staff and police at the time.

The company made a police report requesting for a follow-up after it reviewed bus camera footage and online videos of the incident.

It said it would not tolerate violent behaviour towards staff members.


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Driver ‘bashed’ by women


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