Winter is coming to Hong Kong already - an intense storm will bring a cold snap to the city

Winter is coming to Hong Kong already - an intense storm will bring a cold snap to the city

The temperature is expected to drop to as low as 13 degrees Celsius early next week


Wrap up - it's going to get chilly next week!
Photo: SCMP/Winson Wong

You may be hating your winter uniform today, but you'll be grateful for that jumper later this week, as a cold snap is expected to hit Hong Kong. 

While there should be sunny periods over the next couple of days, when the coast of Guangdong is under the influence of a relatively warm and humid maritime airstream, the city will be affected by an intense northeast monsoon later this week, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

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Temperatures will drop, as weather is turn cloudy with patches of rain on Thursday, with the temperature starting to drop to between 19 and 23 degrees in urban areas, to between 17 and 21 degrees on Friday. The cold snap expected to hit early next week, with a low of 13 degrees Celsius next Monday and Tuesday.

Last week, the Observatory said that because of the El Nino effect, the city was expected to have a warmer winter this year with fewer cold days – defined as when the temperature drops below 12 degrees. There were 21 cold days last year.

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It added the El Nino would also bring higher chances of rain this winter.

As of the end of November, the mean maximum temperature was 27.1 degrees, the third warmest on record. There have been a total of 36 “very hot” days so far this year, making it the third highest number ever.

An El Nino occurs when warm water accumulated in the western Pacific shifts east with the weakening or reversal of westerly winds, causing the eastern Pacific to warm up. A La Nina effect brings the opposite.




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