The Hong Kong government has 1,000 posts open to students with F4 qualifications

The Hong Kong government has 1,000 posts open to students with F4 qualifications

Students can apply to become a clerical assistant – one of the most attractive careers in the city


There are about 1,000 positions available this year. Applications close on August 30.
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On Friday, the post of Clerical Assistant offered by the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) has opened for application to students who have completed Secondary Four education or higher.

There are about 1,000 positions available this year. Clerical assistants can earn up to HK$22,865, with a starting salary of HK$13,045.

Only candidates passing the skills test, with Chinese and English word processing speed of 20 and 30 words per minute and up, as well as application knowledge of common business software including Microsoft Office Word 2013 and Excel 2013, will be considered for an interview.

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A clerical assistant who have a Level 2 in five Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education subjects or higher may apply to be an Assistant Clerical Officer (who can earn up to HK$30,165) through the service, after working as a clerical assistant for three years. Clerical assistants with lower academic qualifications can also apply for the position after working for four years.

According to the Secretariat Press Office (Civil Service), 2010 applicants were hired in the last clerical assistant recruitment in 2016, among whom 30 per cent, or 610 candidates, had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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Successful applicants made up about five per cent of the total 38,000 applicants, from which 7,000 were offered an interview, said Hong Kong Clerical Grades Civil Servants General Union President Leung Chau-ting.

A recent annual survey conducted by a Swedish-based employer branding company revealed Hong Kong’s civil service has replaced Google as students’ most attractive employer in the city.

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