11-year-old student accuses private tutor of physical abuse

11-year-old student accuses private tutor of physical abuse

The boy tells court he was attacked after his father told the teacher that he had not done his homework


The trial involves a boy who has accused his teacher of ill-treatment.
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An 11-year-old Hong Kong boy on Monday accused his tutor of hitting, pinching, punching, pushing and kicking him, and spraying him with cleaning detergent, because he did not finish his homework.

But lawyers for private tutor Chau Kin-ying, 32, argued that the boy was lying because he did not want to attend the class. She has pleaded not guilty to one count of ill-treatment of a child by those in charge of a child or young person.

The West Kowloon Court heard the string of attacks allegedly took place on May 2 last year in a classroom full of students at a tutorial school in Cheung Sha Wan.

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In a recorded interview played in court, the boy told a social worker that Chau began attacking him after a phone call with his father, who revealed that he did not complete his homework and scored poorly in dictation at school.

The boy said Chau hit his forearms with a plastic binder and his head with a thick book, punched his left cheek and pinched his left ear lobe.

He also accused his teacher of pushing his head to the table five or six times, before spraying cleaning detergent onto his hair, wiping his head with three dirty towels, and kicking him to the floor.

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Under cross-examination by Chau’s lawyer Anna Ho in court, the boy testified via television link that he did not finish his homework because he did not know how to and did not want to.

“Can I say it was not your first time?” Ho asked.

“You can,” the boy replied in a small voice, his cheeks turning red.

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Ho later put it to the boy that he had been lying because he did not want to go to the tutorial.

The boy replied: “Yes.”

But when Ho then suggested her client had never hit him, he replied: “Did.”

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Private tutor accused of hitting student, 11


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