Sha Tin College wins ESF Marketing Competition today at King George V

Sha Tin College wins ESF Marketing Competition today at King George V


The winning team from Sha Tin College. (L-R) Business and Economics Teacher, Philip Jackson, Jeremy Lai, Pierson Chu, Cheng Ching-hei, Amber Yeung, Eunice Ng, Wind Yuen, and Business and Economics Teacher Pravin Bhardwaj.
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

The 12th Annual ESF Marketing Competition took place at King George V School today. Year 12 students across all ESF schools took part, with an end goal to come up with two marketing proposals for Young Post, and ideas to increase Sunday Young Post subscribers.

“The students have shown incredible creativity and initiative,” said Ian Goff, Head of Business and Economics at KGV. 

Of the 13 teams that participated, it was Sha Tin College Team 1 that took first place, with their proposal to push YP’s digital presence and realign the JR Club to appeal to the modern, young student. 

All participating teams were challenged to create viable ideas and captivating proposal designs. This shows the app Discovery College proposed for Young Post.
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

Team member Pierson Chu, 16, said they weren’t expecting to win. 

“We were preparing ourselves for a letdown ... but then they called our team’s name and we just froze.” 

The Sha Tin College students' teachers, however, never froze.

“We were not surprised at all. They are very hard working and committed students,” said Sha Tin College Business and Economics teachers Philip Jackson and Pravin Bhardwaj, who (funnily) simultaneously spoke over each other and finished each others' sentences. “Although the competition was tough, our students never once backed down.”  

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge


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