Hong Kong's temperatures to plunge nearly 10 degrees by Wednesday - can students' uniforms handle the cold?

Hong Kong's temperatures to plunge nearly 10 degrees by Wednesday - can students' uniforms handle the cold?

Cold front expected to bring storms and a low of 14 degrees Celsius


Another cold front is expected on Tuesday morning, so bundle up!
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Temperatures in the city will drop nearly 10 degrees to 14 degrees Celsius in the next two days, with the whole region seeing rain and storms on Tuesday, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

A cold front formed in southern China is expected to hit the city with strong winds and a downpour in the morning. Showers are forecast for the afternoon.

Temperatures on Tuesday will fall to a low of 16 degrees and drop further to 14 degrees on Wednesday, which is expected to be cold and dry. Minimum temperatures will gradually rise back to around 20 degrees after Thursday.

How the coldest days of the year so far are affecting Hong Kong students

Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee said flu cases are dwindling, but Hongkongers should be careful since the influenza season is not over yet. Further, she warned residents to put on layers of clothing and to stay warm, especially those from vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. 

However, that is easier said than done when the outfit you have to wear for long periods of time may not be up to you. For example, students in Hong Kong with strict uniform codes.

Young Post spoke to some students in Hong Kong about whether their school uniforms were well-suited for handling sudden changes in the weather. 

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One admitted that hers isn't great at adapting to the cold. "Our blouses in winter are pretty thin, and the only way to get more warmth is by piling on vests, and jumpers and jackets," said Anice Lui, a 15-year-old student at Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

Augustine Wong, 14, of Diocesan Boys' School agreed, and said that their "shirts are very thin, so to stay warm we have to wear extra layers."

Luckily, he added that teachers will make special allowances to the strict uniform code if it gets too cold. "If it get 13 degrees or below, we can wear our own down jackets or our winter sports jackets," Augustine said.

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