Join us: make a reverse advent calendar, and help the needy enjoy a merry Christmas

Join us: make a reverse advent calendar, and help the needy enjoy a merry Christmas

Giving to those in need is an even better gift than receiving


We'll be adding to this box every day until just before Christmas.

A recent report showed that one in five Hongkongers lives below the poverty line, a shocking statistic for “Asia’s World City”. For many people, finding the money to pay for everyday essentials is a struggle; thinking of paying extra for treats during the holiday season must be nearly impossible for some.

While many of us look forward to Christmas with a chocolate-filled advent calendar, , not everyone in Hong Kong is so lucky. Young Post has decided to take part in a plan that is gaining in popularity around the world, and hopefully make a difference to some families this Christmas. 

Hong Kongs poverty rate rose 0.2 per cent between 2015 and 2016, and it doesnt look like its set to go down any time soon

Across social media, people are putting together “reverse advent calendars”: instead of enjoying a little choccy treat every day in the lead-up to December 25, we’re collecting items of food and basic hygiene every day for the next three and a bit weeks. We will pass the collection to food redistribution charity Foodlink Foundation in time to make a difference to some families this festive season.

We’ll be posting our advent calendar on Instagram every working day - and we’d love our readers to join us. If you can afford to buy a small item of long-life, non-perishable food (think cans and bottles) or hygiene (toothpaste and soap are always useful) every day in the lead up to Christmas, put them in a box, and share your progress with us on Instagram @youngposthk. Get your friends or classmates involved - the most wonderful gift is is the gift of giving, and it’s one you should share with people you care about.

Don’t have time to collect food or donations right now? Here are 10 to give back after the holidays

We’ve chosen Foodlink because they’ve been an Operation Santa Claus beneficiary (OSC is co-organised by SCMP and RTHK), but other food bank charities include St James’ Settlement and Food Angel also accept food donations. If you know of any others, please share them with us!

If you don’t have space to store a box of food for three weeks, consider collecting a daily donation of money. Even a few dollars a day will quickly add up and make a real difference to those who need it the most.


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