Have you replaced your Octopus card?

Have you replaced your Octopus card?

After 20 years, the travel cards are getting an upgrade. Make sure you replace your old ones before it’s too late!


The new generation of octopus cards. And new colours to go with them.
Photo: K. Y. Cheng/SCMP


The new Octopus card (left) is more advanced than the first- generation card (right).
Photo: K. Y. Cheng/SCMP

Hong Kong’s new generation Octopus cards will replace the older versions, which have been used for making electronic payments for the past 20 years. 

The first-generation Octopus cards came in five different colours: blue for students and orange or rainbow for adults, pink for children, and dark green for the elderly. 

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There are three new types of Octopus cards: one each for children (light blue), students and adults (grey) and the elderly (dark green). 

According to the Octopus Card website, if users hear three beeps when they tap their card, or if the card does not have a bracket around the last number, they should change it immediately for free. (Check your Octopus card here.) These signals will occur between October and December this year. 

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The card must be changed within three months after this warning, between January 20 and March 17 – otherwise they won’t work. Octopus card users can check online whether their cards need to be replaced by entering their Octopus card number.

The cards can be changed at any Octopus Service Point at the designated MTR stations and shopping malls, MTR Customer Service centres, and bus centres

The new cards will upgrade first-generation Octopus cards with security and technological advances. New users can shop online or continue to pay using their Octopus card at stores. Their purchases can also be tracked using the new Octopus App.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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Have you replaced your Octopus card?


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