Federation of Youth Groups hold forum for discussion between students and Carrie Lam about her current policies

Federation of Youth Groups hold forum for discussion between students and Carrie Lam about her current policies

The current Chief Executive was asked how she plans to connect with young people by 260 students in Aberdeen


Lam was asked how she will fill the Legco seats that have been vacated by disqualified lawmakers.
Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor attended a student forum on Monday, where she answered questions about her current policies. The forum was held in Aberdeen by the Federation of Youth Groups.

Out of the 260 students that attended the talk, 26 students posed questions to Lam about her policy address that came out October 11. Those policies focus on the city’s economic development, innovation and technology, land and housing, labour rights, education, youth development and development.

Students asked Lam about how she plans to fill the four empty Legislative Council seats that have been vacated by lawmakers disqualified over improper oath-taking.

Carrie Lam's first policy address focuses on solving housing crisis and engaging youth

The current Chief Executive was also asked about how she will “connect” with young people.

“How will you bridge the distrust between the government and young people? Will you promise not to use any measures to disqualify candidates running for the by-election in March?” one student asked.

Lam refused to make any promises, and replied that the by-election would be organised by the independent Electoral Affairs Commission in accordance with the law.

She added that the legal reviews sought by the Department of Justice were based on the rule of law, which was “Hong Kong’s greatest core value”, and the courts were an “absolutely independent” judicial system.

Hong Kong's youth too busy with school to care about policy making

“No matter how much I am committed to connecting with [Hong Kong’s] youth, I have my bottom line, which is to act in accordance with the law,” Lam said.

Ada Li Yuen-yung, 20, a 3rd year medical student at CUHK, was one of the students that took part in the forum. Li said she agreed with Lam’s comments that the three jailed activists – Wong, Chow and Law – needed to respect the justice system.

She added that she would like to have the views of the city’s young people listened to more, as currently there is no-one younger than 25-years-old within government.

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