Running a marathon with Marvel's Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor

Running a marathon with Marvel's Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor

Our own team of super journalists took part in the Marvel themed running challenge this year and had a blast taking in the atmosphere, and getting a bit of exercise in too


(L-R) Reporter Kai, sub editor Ben and reporter Seb put on their best superhero smiles.
Photo: Ben Young/SCMP

The Marvel 10K Weekend 2017 held on Sep 16-17 was a sight to behold. It was fascinating to see so many busy Hongkongers willing to show up at Hong Kong Disneyland before 8 am - to go for a run. It highlights the spirit of Hong Kong, as well as the increasing prevalence of our city’s fitness culture.

Though the sky was slightly hazy with smog, the event was still a healthy and fun-filled event for Hong Kong citizens.

There were three main runs - the Spider-Man 3K run, the Thor 5K run, and the Captain America 10K run – and all for a good cause, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate. There were thousands of participants - ranging from serious athletes to groups of teens to entire families.

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Some took the run very seriously, pushing themselves and competing with the other runners to get the best time they could. Others were happy to enjoy a pleasant, leisurely stroll through the park and get some valuable family bonding time.

However they decided to run the race, the atmosphere at the park was upbeat and vibrant. With catchy Disney songs blasting through the air, your favourite Marvel characters like Spider-Man cheering you on and, of course, the beautiful surroundings of Hong Kong Disneyland (along with additional decorations for the race), both serious runners and casual walkers were having a great time.

As for us, we were somewhere in the middle. We decided to “run”, the race, but not really run. In other words, we didn’t really push ourselves to the limit that particular day.

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But considering the fact that we were running the shortest race (The Spider-Man 3K) as three fit young adults, we felt we should at the very least jog it and break a sweat. That wasn’t hard to do - it was a nice sunny morning - and this is Hong Kong. In fact, we probably would’ve been sweating had we just walked the whole thing.

Overall, participating in the Marvel 10k weekend was a lot of fun and we would gladly do it again. Maybe next year you’ll see the Young Post going for a record time at the Captain America 10K event!

Edited by Jamie Lam


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