Think you’re ‘Fit to be a Doctor?’ Find out if you are with an online test

Think you’re ‘Fit to be a Doctor?’ Find out if you are with an online test

A new online test has just been released that can help Hong Kong students assess if they are suited to a medical profession

Thanks to a new online career aptitude test, students from Hong Kong will soon be able to judge for themselves whether or not they are cut out to be a doctor.

The new Fit to be a Doctor? test, designed for students between the ages of 14 to 18, was launched on Tuesday at the British Consulate. It tests students on various academic and non-academic areas of knowledge which medical schools look at when recruiting medical students.

This is the first of what will be a series of tests launched by British Universities and Secondary Schools Achievement Tests (Bussats) to help teens decide whether or not they are suited to a certain career. Others to follow will include law, business, and entrepreneurship, as well as one to test general work skills.

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“We’ve chosen to launch Fit to be a Doctor? in Hong Kong because students there are prized worldwide for their intelligence and work ethic,” said Bussats Academic Director Victoria Davies Jones.

The test, with a basic cost of around HK$1,100, will point out to students their strengths and weaknesses. The test can be taken several times to allow them to track and record their progress.

The test was developed by Anglo Schools International Services, and created by Britain's Royal Society of Medicine and the Medic Portal. As a bonus to aspiring medical students, once they have taken the test they will gain three months worth of access to the RSM’s vast library, where they can explore a wide variety of medical information.

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The online test differs from already established benchmark tests such as the Morrisby Profile (a set of twelve tests which assesses mental function) as it is solely for wannabe students in the medical sector. But unlike medical entrance exam tests like the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), the Fit to be a Doctor? test looks at universal skills and personality traits, not just specialist knowledge. This is something that might come as a reassurance to students worrying the UK-developed test might not be applicable to them.

Another important attribute of this test is that the results of each candidate will remain private. It’s hoped these sorts of tests, that give students an early diagnosis (as it were) of the suitability of their preferred future career, will help them manage their expectations and give them time to consider other options or point them to areas of themselves that might need improvement.

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