10 amazingly Instagram-worthy dishes in Hong Kong and where to find them

10 amazingly Instagram-worthy dishes in Hong Kong and where to find them

We all know the deal. Before you can pick up your fork, you have to pick up your phone – because you never ordered it if you didn’t Instagram it

It’s practically impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed and not see a picture of a beautifully plated dish that looks seriously tasty. Hop on board the foodie culture train by heading out to some of these Hong Kong eateries to snap your own #foodstagram photos. And while it’s important that your camera takes the first shot, don’t forget to, you know, actually enjoy eating the food either.

Elephant Grounds

Hit up this cafe (with branches in several places across Hong Kong) for their beautiful ice-cream sandwich combos. All of their sandwiches are perfect for posing with, but our favourite is the Hokkaido milk ice cream with honeycomb sandwiched between ginger biscuits, and covered with honey and roasted coconut shavings. Make sure to keep an eye out for new flavours – one gets introduced every week.

Emack & Bolio’s

It doesn’t matter how full you are, everyone has space for ice cream – especially if they look like the ones at Emack & Bolio’s (in Central, TST, and Tsuen Wan). Their giant cones, dripping with syrup, covered in cereal and with at least two scoops of colourful ice cream, are a-ma-zing and totally Instagram-worthy. Choose from a variety of ice cream flavours you won’t get anywhere else, like Grasshopper, Space Cake, and Mud Pie.

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If you’re looking for something to show off your #healthylifestyle, try Be-Juiced in Central. Though they’re well-known for their bottles of organic, fresh juices, they also have an acai bowl bar – think froyo, but healthier. The purple acai bowl is like a really thick smoothie, but with the added bonus of being packed with foods that promise amazing health benefits. Top a bowl up with fruits, oatmeal, and nuts to impress your social circle.

Buttery Factory

If you’re as nuts for doughnuts as we are, head to Buttery Factory in Causeway Bay, where their buttery doughnuts are loaded with things like Ferrero Rochers, Maltesers, and caramel syrup. Up your hipster cred to the max by trying out flavours like Peking duck and bacon to add a little variety to your Instafeed.


Soooooo chocolateyyyyy ~ get some s'more! #donut #doughnut #butteryhk #butteryfactory #smores #hk #hkig #cwb #冬甩

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Grassroots Pantry

The supergood, superfood-laden Sheung Wan-based Grassroots Pantry boasts an amazing selection of dishes, but it’s with their brunch menu that they truly shine. If you’re after something savoury, try the poached eggs with avocado on toast, served on a pretty-as-a-picture plate. Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try the lemon chia seed pancakes that look (almost) too good to eat.

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Touting handmade bread, specialty cheeses, and gourmet coffees, this cafe, with various branches across the city, is a go-to for many Hongkongers. Try the stand-out duck breast sandwich – the duck breast is sandwiched between grilled white bread, and paired with perfectly cooked fries. Your Instagram followers might not thank you for it, but your stomach certainly will.


The new duck breast sandwich served with chilli fries because #YouDeserveIt

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Cafe Deadend and Po’s Atelier

The cafe in Shueng Wan serves as the restaurant counterpart to the artisan bakery, and they dish up delicious baked goods made with fresh seasonal ingredients. If you’re after something that will make your followers green with envy, order the Dark Chocolate Terrine, which is placed on top of chocolate “soil” and topped with a scoop of raspberry ice cream.

Oddies Foodies

Love ice cream? Love egg waffles? Can’t decide what you want? Have both at Oddies Foodies in Shueng Wan. The dessert shop will pair an egg waffle (that can come in flavours like pineapple, Chinese sausage, or ham and cheese) with ice cream that have intriguing names like Oompa Loompa and Caribbean. Make sure to snap a pic of your treat in front of their neon lips sign before you gobble it up.

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Rabbitland Cafe

Okay, so the food is almost an afterthought when you visit Rabbitland Cafe – it’s all about the cute rabbits that hop around as you sip a drink or nibble a snack. Any photo taken at the cafe in Causeway Bay will be amazingly Insta-worthy as long as you’ve got a bunny in the shot.

"Where's my coffee?"
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Shari Shari Kakigori House

If you love shaved ice, you’ll love kakigori – a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup and a sweetener. The Shari Shari Kakigori House in Causeway Bay offers traditional flavours like milk, sweet potato and matcha, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try the caramel macchiato or tiramisu flavours. Topped with syrup and fruit, this icy treat makes for a seriously tasty Instagram pic.

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