Local teens arrested with HK$500,000 worth of crack cocaine

Local teens arrested with HK$500,000 worth of crack cocaine

Police operation Thunderbolt 17 catches a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy with 400g of crack cocaine


It looks like easy money, but this crack cocaine has a heavy price.
Photo: Hong Kong Police Force

Two teenagers were caught with HK$500,000 worth of drugs on Saturday in Cheung Sha Wan. Hong Kong police made the arrests as part of an anti-drug crackdown named “Thunderbolt 17”. A 15-year-old boy surnamed Ho and a 13-year-old girl surnamed Tsang were arrested for possession of 400 grams of crack cocaine.

Chinese-language newspaper Ming Pao reported that the teenagers were motivated by the promise of almost HK$1,000 in cash for delivering the drugs. But the supervisor of a youth centre reminded young people that trafficking drugs is a serious criminal offence that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) Youth Crime Prevention Centre supervisor Chan Man-ho told Young Post that drug dealers often use tricks to lure students into breaking the law.

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“Drug dealers use money or drugs to get students to move dangerous goods or drugs for them,” said Chan.

“It’s common, especially in summer, because many young people are trying to make a fast buck.

The dealers tell teens that the risk of being caught is low, or deceive them into thinking they won’t be charged with any criminal offence once they are caught because of their age.”

But Chan warns that drug dealers won’t come to your rescue if you get caught, and says young people should be aware of the risks of smuggling drugs. “Don’t believe what strangers say,” he says. “Never carry anything a stranger gives you, as the items are usually illegal. Even if you are urgently looking for money, you should always think twice as easy money has its risks.”

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Teens had drugs worth HK$500,000


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