Finally, a sunny weekend in Hong Kong - but don't expect the blue skies to last

Finally, a sunny weekend in Hong Kong - but don't expect the blue skies to last


This might be our view for a while yet.
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Say buhbye to your brolly this weekend: fine weather is expected after days of mist and drizzle. But don't put that umbrella too far away, as Hong Kong will experience a see-sawing in weather patterns in coming days as it transitions back to wetter conditions next week.

Several millimetres of rain were recorded over Hong Kong and Lantau islands this morning as a trough of low pressure affected the coast of Guangdong and the northern South China Sea, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

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A coastal mist lingered over the city, and temperatures fell to a range of about 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Friday’s weather is expected to improve with one or two showers earlier in the day and sunny intervals throughout. Temperatures are forecast to be in the range of 19 to 23 degrees.

“Under the influence of a relatively dry northeast monsoon, the weather will improve over southern China in the next couple of days,” the Observatory said.

“A warm maritime airstream is expected to affect the coast of Guangdong gradually early next week.”

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