Hong Kong’s food trucks: we take our first bite

Hong Kong’s food trucks: we take our first bite

Food trucks are completely new to the city, and we are all licking our lips at the thought of their offerings. Our Junior reporters took the chance to taste food from the trucks at Wong Tai Sin and Hong Kong Disneyland last weekend


Ma Ma's Dumpling are a nice novelty.
Photo: Jonathan Wong/SCMP

Five-colour dumplings (HK$48) from Ma Ma’s Dumpling

These dumplings are wrapped with dough infused with different spices and vegetables instead of artificial colouring. It subtly enhanced the flavour of each dumpling, and so did the special blend of vinegar, garlic and soy sauce; however, there was too much of the pork filling. We found that the shiitake and fungus fillings worked best. The dumplings are quite expensive but the novelty and flavour of the wraps makes them worth it.

Sarah Niu

Cheese and bacon pizza (HK$45) from Ma Ma’s Dumpling

This is a thin pizza like a sort of pancake we might eat at a Chinese restaurant. Sad to say, but I wouldn’t recommend this dish because it was way too oily and I could barely taste the cheese. The bacon slices were chopped into tiny pieces and I only discovered them when I was halfway through the dish. People who love spring onion may want to try this because the whole pizza was covered with it. As for the price, it was a little expensive.

Eunice Yip

Where to tuck in at a HK food truck stop

Super grilled squid (HK$48) from Ho Yuen Express

When we arrived, this dish had just sold out and we had to wait 30 minutes for a fresh batch. The entire squid came at HK$48, an affordable price, and it was plated well. Though it lacked the distinctive grill marks you might expect, the mild chilli sauce complemented it well, adding a tart note to the dish. The squid was a bit on the soft side but it was fresh and tender.

Sarah Niu

Deep-fried chicken wings (HK$28) from Ho Yuen Express

Despite being fried, the succulency of the meat inside the crispy skin impressed me. The price was lower than I expected and I would recommend this to everyone, especially people who are big fans of chicken wings. This dish was not spicy at all. The only bad thing was that the wings were quite oily, as if they had been in an oil bath for hours.

Eunice Yip

Noodles perfect egg (HK$62) from Mein by Maureen

Though a range of noodles and snacks were listed on the menu, only a few were available, and so I chose the noodles perfect egg dish. I thought the price was slightly extortionate. The stir-fried noodles with a boiled egg I received were of everyday appearance, and the flavour was nothing special. It was filling but the portion was really too small.

Armaan Dayal

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