Hong Kong MTR fire bombing - what we know so far

Hong Kong MTR fire bombing - what we know so far

Anti-terror police officers sent to the scene


The fire on the MTR train.
Photo: Facebook

At least 15 people were injured when a man tried to throw a fire bomb on an MTR train tonight. The train caught fire around 7.14pm when it was at Tsim Sha Tsui station.

Video from bystanders showed a man on fire on the station platform.

Police said a man tried to light a Molotov cocktail as the train approched the station during peak hour. He was unable to throw the petrol bomb but caught fire when the fuel splashed on him.

What is a Molotov cocktail

A Chinese man was taken to Queen Elizabeth hospital where he was kept under police guard. Other injured were taken to Queen Elizabeth and other hospitals. Two are believed to be in critical condition and six are in serious condition.

Yau Tsim District Commander Kwok Pak-chung said a 60-year-old man surnamed Cheung was arrested in connection with the incident, who claimed to have started the fire for “personal reasons”.

The MTR suggested passengers leave extra time for travel, and no trains would be stopping at TST station.

BREAKING NEWS: 12 injured in Hong Kong fire, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station closed

Anti-terror police officers were sent to the scene, 13 ambulances had been dispatched to the scene and medical crews were available to help passengers outside exit A1.

People on the internet speculated that the fire bomber was a man who had been arrested for abusing a dog. However police confimed that he had not been released yet.


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