Hong Kong’s stray dogs eat stones, sand and weed to survive, says animal concern group

Hong Kong’s stray dogs eat stones, sand and weed to survive, says animal concern group

This causes lots of health issues in the abandoned animals


Two baskets of rocks and weeds were found in a stray dog's abdomen.
Photo: HK Paws Guardian


Imagine all this sitting in your stomach!
Photo: HK Paws Guardian

Vets often find stones, sand and weeds in stray dog’s stomachs, an animal concern group said, following an outcry among netizens at a local media report on Friday.

The executive chairman of the Non-Profit Making Veterinary Service Society, Mark Mak Chi-ho, told Young Post that dogs would eat anything if they were starving. It was not unusual to find weeds and stones in the dogs’ stomachs. But these cause bowel damage and infection.

The dogs often needed medical treatment to avoid further health issues.

Behind the adorable doggy or kitty you see in the pet shop window is unseen pet cruelty

He mentioned a Ming Pao report about a stray dog that was rescued by HK Paw Guardian, an animal rescue group. The group posted photos of a female stray on Facebook. When she was rescued in Yuen Long on Wednesday, they thought she had swallowed some stones and weeds as she was very thin, but her stomach was swollen.

The volunteer, who asked not to be named, told Young Postthat the stray dog had had medical treatment to remove most of the rocks and weeds. But the treatment had left her in an unstable condition. The post on Facebook was a plea for donations, which would be used for further treatment. It was also a call-out for anyone who wanted to adopt the stray.

Mak said the dogs were in a difficult situation. He said Hongkongers should think twice before buying or adopting a pet.

“If you abandon them, it’s not that different from leaving your children somewhere,” he says.

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This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Stray dogs need to eat rocks, sand, to survive


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