How does Page One bookstores closing affect Hong Kong students?

How does Page One bookstores closing affect Hong Kong students?


All remaining Page One stores close across Hong Kong on November 17.
Photo: David Wong/SCMP

It was announced yesterday that all Page One bookstores closed as the company faces further financial difficulties. The stores in Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui and Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong were shut today, and a letter reading “Notice of Appointment of Receivers” was attached to the front door of the Harbour City branch.

It said two representatives, Edward Simon Middleton and Patrick Cowley, of accounting firm KPMG had been appointed “Joint and Several Receivers” from November 16.

Here is what 11 Hong Kong students had to say about the liquidation of Page One.

Sabrina Chan, 15, Renaissance College

It feels like a part of my childhood is gone. I remember going into the bookshop with my brother and playing hide and seek, or reading on the floor. A lot of great memories were made there. But I personally don’t think it will have that big of an effect on me, since most of the books I read can be found online pretty easily. This might cause future generations to read even less though, since there aren’t many bookstores in Hong Kong.

Calvin Ho, 14, Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College

It’s a shame that such a nice bookstore is being shut down completely. I remember buying and reading a lot of books there, sitting next to the shelves and reading Geronimo Stilton as a kid. 

Aaron Li, 15, Renaissance College

It makes me feel nostalgic. Page One reminds me of my dad, because whenever there was one close by, we would end up buying a bunch of books from there. (Probably because I manipulated him a little bit.)”

Robbie Yeung, 16, Renaissance College

It was the only place I could buy English books!

Mandy Mo, 14, Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAIS)

I remember going in there and being fascinated by thebooks and toys. It’s amazing to have a place where so many different things can be found. It was a place that gave me solitude and comfort at the same time.

Athena Cheng, 15, Renaissance College

Page One was one of the only places I was offered a diverse range of books ... and it was the only place that provided me many styles of books”. 

Ethan Tai, 15, South Island School 

It didn’t have that big of an influence on me, and its closing was no surprise due to competition with companies like Amazon and Atlantis. It doesn’t really have a direct effect on me, since I haven’t gone to Page One to buy anything for four years. I wouldn’t say Page One would be my top preference for buying books anyway.

Clayton Lee, 15, Renaissance College

My $300 Page One coupon is useless now ... what am I supposed to do with that?

Ashley Hsu, 16, Chinese International School

I bought a bunch of my childhood books from Page One, it used to be my favourite book store.

Jimmy Ng, 15, Renaissance College

Page One was a place where I could read graphic novels without getting disturbed, and where time goes by quicker than you’d expect.

Justin Lo, 16, Mount Douglas Secondary School, Canada

I’ve never really been to Page One, but I can remember going into a Page One shop and buying my first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book when I was in Form Five. Competition is fierce, with the not-so-recent opening of the Eslite Bookstore in Causeway Bay, I can see why Page One was destined to shut down one day.

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