Hong Kong boy, 13, says mother's ex-boyfriend forced him to drink urine

Hong Kong boy, 13, says mother's ex-boyfriend forced him to drink urine

The Hong Kong teen told a school social worker who took him to hospital

A 13-year-old boy says he was forced to drink two cups of urine while his mother's ex-boyfriend photographed him in April last year.

In a recorded interview heard in court on Tuesday, the boy said his mother's ex-boyfriend had sworn at him and hit him on the head and penis with a wooden back scratcher. He said he had been hit five times on the head and then, after he was told to undress, the man, 41, hit him about 20 times on the penis.

At times during the interview, the boy spoke so quietly he could not be heard. The police officer had to keep reminding him to speak up. "You don’t have to be so nervous," he said. “Police will help you.”

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The Tuen Mun Court heard that his abuse began the summer before. He said the man had repeatedly slapped the back of his head for running too slowly at an exercise spot. 

Like he was kicking a ball

The boy said that when the man later found out he had told his mother what had happened at the sports ground, the man kicked his back and stomach - so hard that his skin began to peel - and choked him. "Like he was kicking a ball," the boy said. "Many times."

The latest assault with the back scratcher happened at the boy's Po Tin Estate home in Tuen Mun on April 12 last year. He said that during that attack he had been ordered to fill his mother's toothbrush mug with urine from the toilet bowl, twice, and forced to drink it while the man took photos. 

No safe spaces for most vulnerable children

"I wanted to vomit," the boy said.

He said his mother's ex-boyfriend had also spat at him in the face, before taking him to a nearby basketball court and leaving him there while he shopped for a pair of sneakers.

The boy told a social worker at his school what had happened, and had been taken to a hospital. A medical examination found bruises on his penis and the back of his head.

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The man, 41, pleaded not guilty before deputy magistrate Minnie Wat Lai-man to two counts of wilfully assaulting a child, one of wilfully neglecting a child and another of wilful ill treatment of a child.

Defence lawyer Francis Yip, meanwhile, questioned why no one saw the first instance of alleged abuse that took place at the sports ground.

He also asked why the boy did not instinctively shout or protect himself when the alleged beatings occurred.

"Did you tell your mom: 'Uncle has hit me before; don’t let him in?" the lawyer continued.

The boy replied: "I did, my mother said he wouldn’t hit me."

The trial continues.


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